1. Also, it sounds freaking awesome when it's cranked!

  2. The three songs from the ep Three were remastered and included on the deluxe version of Boy on iTunes. If you can’t get the ep on vinyl there’s that solution
  3. The version of Stories for Boys on the 40th Anniversary 12'', the 2008 remastered Boy and the iTunes 2004 release is the 'Just for Kicks' compilation version. This came from the same recording session as the three original tracks. No one knows if this is a mistake or a deliberate preference. The original U2 Three single version is only on the original single and its various reissues. Info from the Disco folks here: https://www.u2songs.com/discography/three_single
  4. There are still about 6 available at my local record store... mostly in the 3,600 range..
  5. Got a copy today!
  6. A reissue of the Night and Day promo 12 inch for it's 30th anniversary would make an excellent gift.
  7. Or Record Store Day item.