1. Just ordered Dekadance vinyl on Amazon 😁😁🥳🎊🎉
  2. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I was watching the concert documentary "Australian Made" last night which is about a summer tour of leading Australian acts that INXS headlined in 1987. While it's evident in Live at Wembley, I could only watch in awe again at what a charismatic showman Michael Hutchence was.

  3. There it is 🥳🎊🎉
  4. That was quick.
  5. Indeed 😃 And i love this album. Was a bit afraid they ruined the songs by mixing it to some dance tracks, but thankfully that's not the case. So thank you once again for bringing this one up!!

  6. I love INXS, just put this on my wall. Looks great!!