1. is there out any live version of "beautiful girl" mp3 (with Huchtence) soundboard o similar quality? thanks.
  2. I am listening to Full moon dirty hearts now..... awesome album ...i think is not well valued
  3. FMODH is one of my favorite INXS songs... great album
  4. RIP Michael Hutchence...

    In the words of Bono

    "This one goes out to a mate of ours
    Great mate, great singer
    We're sorry, we're sorry
    For Micheal Hutchence"

    One of my favorite musicians of all time and I wish he could still be around today...
  5. During this days i remenbered the Full moon dirty hearts videos( all of them together) :In that era was a very good idea . I didn t knew some band that did that. . Do someone know if it was official ?
  6. Listening to "Shine Like It Does" and getting into it, INXS is pretty dang good
  7. I m not in a INXS moment ..but i miss Michael always
  8. He sounds awesome, too bad he isn't here making more of this