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12 years ago
3 shows during 3 tours
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favorite tour: Lovetown
"The end of old U2, before the gigantic video screens. The tour includes two of my favourite concerts; New Years Eve in the Point in Dublin and the last of the four shows in Rotterdam, the very last time they played with BB King."
favorite show: 1990-01-10 - Rotterdam
"Hard to put into words what it was like that night. The moment they opened with Bullet I knew we were in for a treat and that treat lasted all the way to the final with Out of control. A guy from the audience playing on stage, Bono walking the cycle track, shaking hands with fans, taking a selfie with BB King on stage..."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"It blew me away when I first heard it and it still does to this day. Ultraviolet, Acrobat and Love is blindness is one of the best album sequences ever. "
favorite song: Please
"It's impossible to pick just one songe but the Popmart live version of Please from Rotterdam is just fantastic and shows everything that's great about U2."