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Mister MacPhisto was created to replace the Mirrorball Man during the second ZooTV phase (after the release of Zooropa) U2 because the thought that this was U.S. and others that the world would not get the idea behind joke. It's a mix between Mephistopheles (the devil to whom Faust sold his soul in the book of Goethe) and MacDonald's, suggesting that it is only more an American invention, those who try to sell us on television. Mr. MacPhisto came on stage during Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car, a figure and manners cynical smile, wear a suit of gold, little red horns and a heavy makeup, which left him with a looks pale, tired and aged. It is a version of The Fly, the pop star who sold his soul to the devil at the end of his career, such as fat and bloated Elvis Presley shortly before he died. With a sarcastic and full speech the authority of someone who knows all the bad of humanity, Mr. MacPhisto ended the show with a phone call. Depending on the day, he called to a different location (for example, to call a taxi, as the show's tape ZooTV Live From Sydney).
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