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10 years ago
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favorite tour: Vertigo Tour
"I saw U2 for the first time on this tour. Also loved the song/setlist changes they made night to night on this tour more than any other."
favorite show: 2005-10-08 - New York
"My first U2 show, and my third concert ever in my life. I have been to over 120 concerts since, and the energy in the Garden on this night has NEVER been matched."
favorite album: The Unforgettable Fire
"Has my favorite U2 song (Bad), as well as two of my other top five U2 tunes (title track and Indian Summer Sky)"
favorite song: Bad
"My dad introduced me to U2 with the Wide Awake in America live version of this song and I was converted into a fan immediately. Remains my favorite U2 tune to this day, as well as one of my favorite songs by an artist."