Male, 57
Lives in:
16 years ago
3 shows during 3 tours
personal record

favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"First time I saw them and was filmed for the movie Rattle and Hum in Denver, Colorado"
favorite show: 2017-10-07 - Bogota
"I took my daughter to witness the experience of U2"
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"The best, most complete and I experienced the tour."
favorite song: Bad

about lustardo
My name is Carlos, 51 years old and I am from Cali, Colombia, South America. My wife and I flew to Santa Ana, CA. after a ten-hour flight from our hometown to fulfill her dream, which was seeing U2 live. After watching the latest DVD’s, my wife told me that she had to see them and specially Bono. So, we started planning our trip with two years in advance. I’ve already has seen them in Denver during the Joshua tree tour while filming the Rattle & Hum movie while I was attending college in Fort Collins, CO. Saw them in Denver, Colorado during the Joshua Tree tour. Saw them in Anaheim in 2005. Saw them in Bogota Colombia with my family. Thirty years later for The Joshua Tree.