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16 years ago
8 shows during 5 tours
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favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"Hard to pick one, but I have to settle on Elevation since it was the first tour I saw. There was such a unique spirit to that tour. "
favorite show: 2005-11-18 - Atlanta
"My second show after years of waiting and growing more obsessed. Waited in line for 19 hours, got a drum stick after Love and Peace, made eye contact and acknowledgment from Adam. It was so surreal. The boys were on it that night."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"Again, hard to pick and it changes, but st the end of the day Achtung Baby has to he it. The artistic progression and total change of imagery is amazing. "
favorite song: The Fly
"Every lyric is so good, Bono's definitely channeling Leonard Cohen. Musically, it's one of their best."

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