U2 From Behind The Soundboard, Munich, Germany, July 21, 1987

Show: 1987-07-21 - Munich
Description: July 21, 1987 Olympiahalle, Olympiapark Munich, Germany The ticket I had for this show was the least expensive (bought a day before the show), and was only good for the upper standing area. The Australian girls I went with talked up one of the security guards to let us in to general admission (floor). I was at the very front, looking straight up at Bono during the 1st song, Where The Streets Have No Name. There was a HUGE CROWD FALL, probably the first 20 rows of people went down, including me and everyone to my left. Bono didn't stop the song, but froze at the front of the stage to get the bouncers attention, pointing at the crowd, gesturing to them get the problem dealt with immediately. When we finally all pulled ourselves back up, the guy beside me started punching everyone behind him, I thought he was freaking out. But then he reached down and pulled 2 girls up from the ground and dragged them out of the crowd to my right. I remember another guy beside me taking a match, lighting it, and moving it down slowly towards the ground. The match went out around his waist (no oxygen). The guy that pulled the girls out is a small hero to me, even 23 years later. I backed my way out of the front part of the crowd, and found breathing space behind the sound booth. I'm pretty sure that Bono asked if everyone was alright at the end of the song - but cannot confirm that he really did. U2 was, of course, excellent - and the opening band really caught my attention - In Tua Nua.
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U2 era: Joshua Tree (1987-1989)
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