Bono at The Claw bridge

Show: 2010-08-30 - Vienna
Description: Photo taken during Miss Sarajevo. By Marcel Viadin.
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U2 era: On the horizon (2008-2011)
Uploaded by: bonovox07
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Photo date: 2010-08-20 10:12:46
Camera model: Panasonic DMC-TZ3


  1. MacStripey rated

    incredible, utterly amazing shot!

  2. buenoranti rated
  3. gerryhickey rated

    Ah thats perfect !!! Really magic

  4. bonovox07 rated

  5. BelgianBono rated

    Looks like heaven

  6. CELEBRATION68 rated

    superbe !

  7. bonou2u2 rated

    cracking shot

  8. U2sBiggestFan rated

    nice, looks pro

  9. Nataly rated

    Amazing shot!

  10. Loverman rated

    Fantastic shot!

  11. vertiedge51 rated

    WOW, that is one beautiful photo!

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