Fan flash mob in Rome

Show: 2010-10-08 - Rome
Description: Photo taken in Rome, on October 8 during I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
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U2 era: On the horizon (2008-2011)
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  1. FireSparky rated
  2. pazzio

    the owner of this picture is Patrizio Severini.... you can find it and other pictures in

  3. cfrabu2 rated

    I was there......amazing!

  4. onebadboy rated

    Truly beautiful!! My family and I were all holding in the green!

  5. micupu rated

    I was in the GA and it was very, very incredible and exiting! It's a pity that in this photo we can't see che italian flag that was in front of the irish.It needed a 360° shot!! I want to thanks staff that organized this amazing choreography.

  6. Bonolina rated
  7. u2mexico rated

    Surreal!!! VIVA Italia!!!

  8. MacStripey rated
  9. bonovox07 rated

    Phot taken by Marcel Viadin

  10. zooTV4all rated
  11. stevejno9 rated


  12. Acrobad rated

    Fantastic!!!!Goosebumps all over.....

  13. LikeASong rated

    This could only happen in Italia. So incredibly great. One of the best U2-Live moments I've ever seen, I get goosebumps every time... Priceless.

  14. pascalvadella rated


  15. Nophie rated
  16. IrishHeartbeat rated


  17. IrishHeartbeat rated
  18. Nataly rated

    Amazing shot!! Briliant!! Rome loves U2!!

  19. yuri31 rated
  20. AletrilogY rated

    I was one of that orange pixel of the Irish flag!!! ^_^

  21. AletrilogY

    I was one of that orange pixel of the Irish flag!!! ^_^

  22. bugmenot rated

    was there... f***ing amazing!

  23. bugmenot rated

    was there... f***ing amazing!

  24. U218singles rated

    Wow !

  25. JuJuman rated

    this picture speaks for itself...

  26. puku rated
  27. aclemo rated

    ooooh, wish i could have been there!

  28. RememberEveryMoment rated


  29. Hohey rated

    Really nice

  30. gerryhickey rated


  31. Coen rated

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