1993-06-04 - Munich, Germany - Olympiastadion

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review by 2UToo

1 month ago


Pretty solid Zoo TV show with some fire performances later in the set mainly (mostly from the Acoustic set onwards, peaking at the Joshua Tree run) where Bono lands a few majestic vocals which is rare at this show as it's plagued by flat singing, voice cracks and all older songs sounding really lacklustre and almost spoken at points. The band are usually tight but mainly The Edge has some really bad moments during Until the End of the World and New Year's Day on the piano.


Absolutely fantastic sound quality and it won't get any better for an outdoor audience recording than this! Even better, the entire thing is 100% complete!
Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


It feels a bit unfair to hand out a bad rating since due to the nature of this being an outdoor recording you can barely hear the audience most of the time. We do hear them singing along and screaming every now and then, proving they are definitely there.


Highlights: Bullet the Blue Sky, Running to Stand Still, Desire, Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

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