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Joshua Tree Tour 2019

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2019-12-04 - Saitama

Written by kristinabrwn580 - 10 months ago

Organization of lines for seated, GA, and Red Zone were amazing. The staff really knew what they were doing! My boyfriend and I are American, so I was worried about not being able to understand the people speaking through megaphone, like we would miss something and not understand what to do. They were calling number in Japanese, which had me panicked because we were all mixed together by that point. But a very friendly couple let us know when our number was called (and another friendly man who spoke excellent English transfer everything for us once inside). Loved every second of the show! Even saw Brad Pitt hanging out next to the Red Zone where we were! Only bummer was venue shirts being sold out long before the show even started. I had to walk to the venue around noon or one and wait in line for an hour or two to get shirts for night two. Beautiful music and beautiful energy in a beautiful country!
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2019-11-12 - Brisbane by shae1 rated

Fearing I may end up a fair way from the stage, I made my way to the stadium just before..
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2019-11-22 - Sydney by neoninfusion rated

I wasn’t originally going to this concert due to the similarity to the 2017 JT tour and the poor venue..
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2019-11-19 - Adelaide by ChillyPhilly rated

U2's first performance at the sacred Adelaide Oval - and their first in Adelaide since the Vertigo Tour in 2006..
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Experience and Innocence tour

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2018-06-21 - Boston

Written by AllBecauseOfU2 - 3 years ago

Love this band, these shows, and my experience.

We had seats for night 1. After relaxing and enjoying dinner and listening to The Joshua Tree tribute band at Hurricane’s across the street, we walked into the arena and to our seats around 7pm. Once we realized that security wasn’t really paying attention and people without wristbands were just walking onto the floor, we did the same thing and ended up center of the screen on Adam’s side, second row off the rail.

Thinking I could do the same thing again the second night, I bought a cheap balcony seat the morning of the second show. But security was a lot tighter – there were only a few entrance open for floor access, and there was one guard at the top of each entrance and two at the bottom, and they were each checking the wristbands pretty diligently. So I enjoyed night 2 from the very top row of the arena, which was a totally different but still awesome experience. I sat next to and chatted with a wicked nice family from Texas; the husband told me he had seen them on every tour since Joshua Tree all over the country, and now he and his wife were bringing their daughters to see them. This was their first show in Boston. Even though we were in the seats, our entire section still got into it and stood up for a lot of the concert. A super fun, casual, but enthusiastic vibe all around, and it seemed that way for most of the entire arena, both nights.

The opening is perfect. LIAWHL with just Bono underneath the screen is great. Blackout is killer. The images, the reveal of the band under the screen, the song itself – unbelievable opener. I wish they played the strings part and Edge’s guitar up way more during Lights of Home, but that was still amazing.

From my vantage point both nights, I Will Follow got the biggest crowd reaction of the night. Insane feeling to scream and jump along with an entire arena and to see the band love playing it so much. I think Gloria got a bigger reaction than ABOY, but both are great high energy songs. I get now why Beautiful Day follows there – to keep up that energy. It’s needed, because The Ocean then kills every last ounce of it. It stopped everyone dead. I understand that it’s the start of the innocence narrative, but wow is it a buzzkill. Even going straight into Iris would be better.

Seeing this version Sunday Bloody Sunday up close was more intense than I thought it would be – the entire band still get really into it, even though it’s not the regular version. Edge and Adam had their eyes closed for a lot of the song.

Until the End of the World is still my favorite song live. It can stay in whatever incarnation it’s in for every show from here on out and I would never get sick of it. I didn’t miss Streets, but I would’ve missed UTEOTW.

The HMTMKMKM comic on the screen is fucking awesome. Even better would be the band actually playing the song live while they show it…

Acrobat. Acrobat. ACROBAT. I thought I died last year when I heard Exit live. Nope. That was last night. I’m so glad they’ve never played this live before. It’s a fucking monster. My favorite live performance of the show.

I love SATS but I think in every way – thematically, musically (acoustic) – it could be replaced with Please. Or even rotated with SATS.

When I had seats the second night, I had full view of the screen, and I got the clearest sense of the narrative of the show from here, way more than in being in GA and more than listening on the mixlrs. The images of the current KKK and pure filth going on in America right now was stark, and I expected those to be the most impactful on me. But nothing made me scream louder during both shows than those images immediately giving way to Pride and images of MLK and protestors. There’s no other song that could come after those images (angry songs like Bullet or whatever) – the feeling of being lifted up by love after seeing that was unreal. By far, my favorite part of the show is Pride – GOOYOW – American Soul – COBL.

One is a crowd pleaser, but I really wish it was rotated with something else. I was way more excited to sing along to Love is Bigger, which is fresher. 13 is as gorgeous live as it is on the album, but it ended so abruptly that it ends the concert on a weird, very mellow note. I get that it’s the end of the narrative – but still…

Since this was definitely a Bono album, it’s definitely a Bono show. I understand it’s the story, the journey, the narrative, etc. – but it seemed that this was more tipped towards Bono’s storytelling rather than four men playing together on a stage, and I was left missing more of that balance between the four of them. I think the narrative can still come through even without a lot of the inter-song stuff, like Bono’s “phone call home” as he’s taking off Macphisto’s makeup, and The Ocean, which the way it’s played is not even a song. Even just one more rotational song spot would make a difference.

Still, yet another awesome live U2 experience I will never forget.
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2018-05-04 - St. Louis by u2shula rated

We are from the Chicagoland area, and were very excited to travel for a weekend getaway to St. Louis. ..
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2018-10-28 - Belfast by Orentelori rated

On the morning of 28.10.2018 I was with my family in the Titanic Museum and therefore drove past the SSE..
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2018-10-08 - Amsterdam by iamcrazytonight rated

4.5 stars! It's a U2 show in Amsterdam, a city I adore. I went with my best friend, which was..
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Joshua Tree Tour 2017

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2017-08-01 - Brussels

Written by U2Bad2017 - 1 year ago

American landscape in Belgium

That show has been special to me. I went to USA for the first time in May-June 2017. I went in Arizona and California and saw the kind of landscape the band saw and used for their album "The Joshua Tree" but also for the visual of this tour. So seeing them two months after my USA trip was special to me. I went to my fifth U2 gig with my father. We had GA tickets and well Belgium is not known as a good organized country. Doors were supposed to be opened at 4pm. To enter in GA in King Baudouin stadium there are two doors. With a bit of logic and organisation you open those two doors on same time but they didn't and one of them has been opened before the other one. I was not on the lucky door but it didn't matter. We had a good spot. If you look at the drums on main stage we were in front of it and if you look on B-stage it was on our left at maybe five meters. So we had a great view on B-stage and we were not too close of the huge screen of the main stage, we actually had a good view on the screen, not too far and not too close. I mean in my opinion being in first row of the main stage for this show wouldn't be great because stage and screen are too large and you wouldn't enjoy the show the best. Of course if I would be in first row of the B-stage it would be the best but my spot was great like I said. So after a few hours of waiting we had the opening act and what an opening act. It's like having two gigs for price of one and half. We enjoyed Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds concert. "Champagne Supernova", "Wonderwall", "Don't Look Back In Anger" it was a nice moments. I mean the atmosphere was the one you can have on a hot summer day. Lot of sun, hot weather, nice sunlight on stage, people were in good mood and in peace with lot of smiles listening good music from Noel and his band it was really cool. Crowd sung some songs like the ones I mentioned before and Gallagher joked with the crowd wich was pleasant. Also a word about the stage. Well like usual U2 didn't make it small and minimalist. A large main stage (59 meters), behind it a large screen (61 meters long and 14 meters high) with a high resolution (7200 x 1560 pixels). On the screen we could see the shape of the Joshua Tree. That shape made the 14 meters of the screen high but also 9,1 meters higher than the screen, so 23,1 meters high. Then there is a catwalk and a B-stage wich looks like the Joshua Tree. The tree trunk stage is 37 meters long and on the end of the trunk around it there is a 17 meters wide B-stage in form of the Joshua Tree. So a cool stage.

During all the waiting, before the opening act and after it, poems in English has been showed on screen. Then "The Whole of the Moon" from The Waterboys could be heard from the speakers and people gets excited because everyone knew it's mean showtime.

We saw Larry Mullen Jr walking on catwalk to the B-stage and then launched the concert with "Sunday Bloody Sunday", The Edge appeared second, followed by Bono and then Adam Clayton. All the band is on B-stage so pretty close of my dad and I. Of course a classic song like "Sunday Bloody Sunday" made the crowd happy and some of them jumping and it's an energic start. Nobody in sit in seats place. Band then played a new version of "New Year's Day". They actually played and sung the last verse they usually skipped. The song was so longer than usual and in a kind of new version. People were happy so my father and I were too. Crowd made clapping during the song. Band was energic and our view were good. They were playing and moving all around the B-stage so everyone could see each of them closer to them from time to time.

Then came THE moment. After four gigs without my favorite song (even if that song was on the printed setlist of my first U2 concert they didn't play it on that night) they finally played it. I heard "Bad" in concert for the first time. To be honest if I could had "A Sort Of Homecoming" and "Bad" like they did in Seattle on 14th May 2017 it would be perfect. But back to "Bad". As soon as first keyboard introduction notes started, the crowd really appreciated it. I could hear "Aaah" all around me. I remember that when first notes has been played I turned back to see my father face and said "Yes" happily. It's my favorite song and I do really love that one. I can't explain. It's just a beautiful song with a nice sounds and atmosphere like U2 can created and it start quiet to became wild and wild and it put lot of energy and emotions on same time. And if you look the video of this concert you will see that the crowd is wild during "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "New Year's Day" but on "Bad" the crowd is just listening and seems quiet but it's not the boring quiet, it's the kind of quiet when a crowd is into the song and enjoyed it and the kind of quiet when a crowd is astonished by a performance. I'm a guitarist myself and during my first small concert I did at my college with friends we lived something similar but way less good than U2 of course. It was an exhibition and we were there to play music while people were looking at pictures. And we had three songs to play, it was our first gig and we only made a few quick rehearsals. I didn't talk on microphone because I was so stressed. So we just started to play a first song and to be honest nobody were really looking at us and I think nobody realised we started to play and everyone was talking. Then we started to play the second song and during it I made a guitar solo and suddenly in 20 seconds step by step the crowd became silent and quiet and they looked us until the end of our small gig in a deep quiet and it's that feeling in much bigger and deeper I recognize in the crowd during "Bad".

Even if it's my favorite song I didn't recorded with my phone, I wanted to be into it and to enjoy it from start to end and I did. Lot of people didn't used their phone during it. There were lot of phone for first two songs but not here wich was better. I can play it at guitar so I know how wonderful is it to play it but listen it is great too. And the "Heroes" snippet is a good one as well and everybody recognized it and sung it. Anyway good song that make everyone in the audience alright and agreed on it. There were clapping and singing. I think I kept my eyes on the band singing all the time and making the clapping when it need to do it. Well Bono messed a bit in the lyrics but it didn't matter. Also everyone in seats place were still standing. Intense performance.

"Pride (In the Name of Love)" followed and well I would prefer "A Sort Of Homecoming" or another song but only because I already heard it at almost each of my fifth U2 gig and so yes even if I like the song and think it's a good one I would like some change but it's only to me. Crowd appreciated it and made the "Oh, oh" wich lead us to "The Joshua Tree" part of the set.

At the end of "Pride (In the Name of Love)" the screen wich always been off before turned on to show some messages before turning all red with the shape of The Joshua Tree in black while the orgue introduction of "Where The Streets Have No Name" was starting. Larry Mullen Jr walked at the end of the B-stage to give his drums stick and then rejoin other members all standing in silence on B-stage. Then the band walked on main stage, stand at the foot of the tree for a few seconds and then The Edge launched the song. Like usual during this one crowd became wild and when the screen show an West american road trought the desert we could see the crowd like us appreciate the quality of the video. Visuals were really good and of course reminded me my recent USA trip wich was awesome. Something I really appreciate in that live version is the fact the introduction lasted quiet long like in the album version, it's something which give me the magic feeling of the song as well as seeing thousand of people jumping and singing it. Energic and great moments.

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" followed and visuals were once again really cool. Bono drunk a Belgian beer at the start of the song. Crowd sung the first two verses and the chorus and in this live version drums and bass started at the beginning of the song wich was nice. There has been some clapping from the crowd too. Everyone really enjoyed the song as well as me and my father. It's the first one I ever learnt to play at guitar after all so it's a bit particular for me. Song end on people singing the chorus.

"With or Without You" followed and as soon as it started the crowd make a huge noise of satisfaction. A live version closer of the album version as ever. Nice visuals from the Death Valley and crowd singing the song and also making the "Oh, oh". Some lightfire in the audience and some clapping. Band walked on main stage on this one. Good moments.

"Bullet the Blue Sky" came then. Darker song, visuals still showing USA, and what a great live version. Close of the 1987 version with The Edge also using a "Wah Wah" effect and a bottleneck. Great guitar parts, nice crowd wich sung and was energic. Solid drumming too, in two word, amazing song.

"Running To Stand Still". Quiet song played on keyboard. This song is a great one too and is maybe underated. There is emotion in it and it was cool to heard it. Bono ended it with some harmonica parts. People sung it a bit and used lightfire again. Nice moments.

"Red Hill Mining Town" followed. First time for me I heard that song live and well I was expecting better. I was expecting the guitar parts like in the album version and well I was dissapointed by the keyboard but also the small orchestra playing it. So glad to saw it live but I was expecting better.

"Welcome to the side two of the Joshua Tree itself" said Bono to launch "In God's Country". I love that song and since the snippet Bono made of it in "Beautiful Day" in Rose Bowl in 2009 I wanted to heard it live and tonight this became true. I loved the guitar, bass and drumming parts, the energy in it and visuals were nice especially at the start with the Joshua Tree, the mountains and the sun. I also appreciated the Irish flag on the landscape and the end.

"Trip Through Your Wires" was the next one. I like that song. For me there is the typical American sound U2 was looking for. A bit of country and south music in it. I also liked the visuals again, with the woman painting the USA flag on her house. Guitar parts were good as always. For a first time hearing this song I was happy of it.

"One Tree Hill" followed. And really I was so happy to heard it. It's one of my favorite song of that album. I like the sound in it, the guitar parts and when The Edge lets himself go to a good guitar solo. And I always thought I will never hear that song live unless I go to Australia but I finally saw it live and I really appreciated that performance even if the guitar solo was not the best I heard for this song. Also visuals were once again really beautiful.

"Exit" was the next one. It began with a short video clip showing western and cow-boy. One of them looked a bit like Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump, but was not him. However his name in the clip was Trump and he made the promise to protect the village by building a wall around it. One of the villager said he is a liar. I learned after the show that this short clip came from a 50's TV series called Trackdown. Then the song started and two hands apparead on screen with messages on them. One had "Love" the other had "Hate" on them. During the song Bono came on B-stage for the first time since the start of The Joshua Tree set so we could see it closer wich was great. That live performance was a great one. Lot of tension, intensities, energy in it. Musicaly song was awesome but guitar parts were really great. Bono had energy as well and light show was cool.

Bono stayed on B-stage during most part of "Mothers Of The Disappeared" before going back on main stage. Visuals showed a dozen of women holding a candle in their hands. Song was nice and I loved it and was glad to heard it for the first time live. Song ended on crowd singing the "Oh, oh". Band came then in front of stage to applause the crowd while Bono made a speech of thank you and said the stage has been build in Belgium. End of The Joshua Tree set and time for the first encore. During the wait the stage was in dark and the shape of The Joshua Tree was in blue.

Then a face apparead on the screen, probably a Syrian woman, and a speech was written on the screen. Well unfortunately almost nobody could see it. Speech was too low on screen and behind the drums set. Pictures of devastated Syria followed and "Miss Sarajevo" renamed "Miss Syria" was played. Not my favorite song but not a bad one neither, it's a nice and emotional one. Visuals were a war and ruined Syria. During Pavarotti singing part, a giant flag with a woman face on it travelled on seats place and it's a prerecorded Pavarotti singing wich could be heard. Crowd was quiet but listening it carefully. Bono thanked them.

Bono then launched the crowd with a "Oh, oh" while a pretty visual similar to an aurora borealis was on screen and while a prerecorded remix version of "Beautiful Day" could be heard from the speakers. This of course launched the song itself. Bono was on B-stage for that one so close to us for our pleasure. Also a funny fact from "Exit" to the end of the concert, Bono didn't wear his sunglasses wich is rare for him. Anyway back to "Beautiful Day" it was a bit of a different version played here. Introduction was a bit new and the verse "See the world in green and blue" was sung by Bono but also by robotic voices. Song is still nice and give energy to the crowd. I heard it at each of my five U2 show I attended so yes in a way if they would play another I would be happy but I was fine with hearing it.

"Elevation" was next, here too it's a nice song wich gave energy to the gig. Third time i heard it after 2005 and 2010 but I liked hearing it. Visual of Larry Mullen Jr waving to the crowd was fun and cool. "Vertigo" followed and well even if it's a good song, first it's not their best one but also hearing it at each gig became tiring. I heard it six times in five concerts, it's enough. Please skip it and play another one instead. Crowd reacted good but my father and I were maybe the only one who were boring by this song. Same way of playing it since 2005, same joke about Spanish lessons since 2005 and even same visuals of red and black circles since 2005. Really guys on next tour just forget about that song.

Bono walked back to main stage at the end of "Vertigo", so he stayed on B-stage for "Beautiful Day", "Elevation" and "Vertigo". A word about stage and how band used it. Main stage was 59 meters long but mainly the band stayed in the middle of it on about 15 meters almost all the concert. They rarely walked along the stage so why having a 59 meters stage long when you used maybe 20 meters of it. And about B-stage, members used it for the four first song and then only Bono came on it during "Exit", "Mothers Of The Disappeared" and the three song I mentionned before. So Bono used it good but other members didn't go on B-stage often wich was a bit dissapointing. It's not so bad but if The Edge or Adam Clayton would go on B-stage once or two after The Joshua Tree set it would be good.

"Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" followed and I was happy to heard it. Pictures of many, many women with their names apparead on screen during that song. I recognized many of them and discovered many as well. I remember of Anne Frank, Hillary Clinton, Marie Curie, Queen Mathilde, Patti Smith, Nafissatou Thiam, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai, The Suffragettes and The Pussy Riot. Good songs and Bono again came on B-stage half of the song and stayed on it for next one.

"One" was the one. Stadium became dark with only phone lights from the crowd who sung some parts of the song. Classic one but good one with great guitar parts on it. Happy to heard it. Bono then thanked us the crowd but also remembered that U2 has a special connection to our country. A lot of innovation and staging came from Belgium. After all his thank you he launched the last song of the night "I Will Follow". That one of course make all the stadium happy and wild. A great old rock song to close the show. I loved it especially when he made some Werchter references saying it's happy memories. We could clearly see they were happy to play it and to made that show in Belgium. And in conclusion I would say I lived a great show and concert, a good afternoon and night, a nice opening act, a nice setlist and some impressive visuals and I had a nice spot in GA to watch all of that so yeah I loved that gig.
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2017-07-29 - Amsterdam by Happy24 rated

Here is my report from the two Amsterdam concerts. I am quite late and it is probably impossible to write..
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2017-06-23 - Toronto by Hwy_Girl rated


A circle:
-a perfectly round shape
-a line that is curved so its ends meet and every point on the..
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2017-06-16 - Louisville by thefly108 rated

This was my first U2 show ever, so I was thrilled to finally be seeing them play. Kentucky was hot...
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Innocence and Experience tour

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2015-10-10 - Barcelona

Written by u2fancat - 6 years ago

#4 of 4. This was U2's last night in Spain.. and I was there! Got up nice and late - it was quite breezy, so I took an overshirt with me: coat still not required, of course. I headed into Placa de Catalunya, figuring I'd take it from there. Google Maps was kind enough to inform me that my handiest route there was to take either the L94 or L95 bus, which headed to just off the square. And I put my ticket in the machine the right way around, for once. :-)

I was somewhat concerned that the LCD display showing the stop names was practically illegible - both on the outward and return journeys, the text was in a watery yellow that blended nicely into the black background. But as we passed a stop on the way in, I noticed the departure board, which said that the destination of my bus was, in fact, Placa de Catalunya. Lovely - the terminus.

I got off and wondered where to go for brunch - my first priority. A quick look around didn't reveal much, and I didn't want to spend too long looking - I was too hungry. I finally decided that the huge department store, El Corté Inglés, might be my best bet - they surely had a café, and it would surely be both reasonably priced and have fairly standard dishes, so no translation problems.

It turned out I had to go all the way to the ninth floor.. where they have a restaurant, which I considered, but the people in front of me exchanged some words with a waiter and left, and it looked very much as though they needed to have reserved. Instead, I queued for the more casual café - still with table service, but no tablecloths, no glasses or cutlery left on the tables, and paper placemats and boxes of napkins. I didn't really have to queue for long, despite how busy the place was.

Despite the busyness, service was decently quick. I dithered between the chicken, which sounded tastier, and the beef escalope with spaghetti and chips, which sounded more filling, and which my hunger chose. Same brunch as Tuesday, in fact! And a glass of wine. And it was very nice. The chips were actually terrific - you know how good chips can taste, but rarely do? These were such chips. For dessert - by which time things had calmed down a bit - I, of course, had the "death by chocolate" (I can rarely resist that), which in this case was a chocolate sponge slice with chocolate filling and dark chocolate beads on top. And it was sooo good.. I'd definitely go back there for that alone!

By this time, it was too hot to be bothered exploring any more, and I waited in the shade, in a cool breeze, for the bus back to the hotel. Still, it was a relief when it came, and again when the aircon started. I recognised my stop from the buildings we passed - the indicator board was useless again.

After a relaxing afternoon, which featured another nap, I headed out. I must be getting fit - the walk didn't knock as much out of me that evening! Bought a Cedarwood Road t-shirt, which had caught my eye the day before.

So, I was in the front row of my section. This time, however, it was towards the back - more so than the night before. The people at the very back, who are at the wrong side of the vidi-wall, get a smaller, dedicated screen, at right angles to the vidi-wall, showing footage of both stages and the vidi-wall. From where I was sitting, I had a good view of both screens. And I noticed that Bono spent much of his time on the "e" stage singing directly to the people at the back.

It's becoming something of a hobby of mine to watch the crowd's reaction to something they weren't expecting to happen. It seems that the word has gone around that when the band say goodbye, they don't mean it, there's more to come - but it was nice to see that several things in the concert still surprised them. And they STILL don't know that the band don't come on until People Have the Power starts to play.. and even then, not immediately..

Once they'd started, I noticed something I hadn't noticed before on this tour - as usual, the further away you are, the more of the spectacle you get to see. Being too close has its disadvantages. People with seats at the back, take heart. Now, a funny thing happened to me tonight - I'm finding that, the more of these concerts I go to, the more into them I'm getting. In fact, for the first four songs, I lost it completely that night.. For their second song, they cycle among three - Gloria, The Electric Co., and Out of Control. For my money, Gloria holds the crown, among these three, of Best Live Song. I always loved seeing it live, and I'm stoked that it's such a regular on this tour - doesn't usually happen! Again, Mrs. Bono was in the house, as mentioned by Bono at the start of Song For Someone, written for her.

Now, the pattern thus far has been that, for Mysterious Ways, Bono brings a girl onstage to dance with him, then she films the band doing a number, which is streamed live on Meerkat. Sometimes, they bring a guy up from the audience to play guitar on that number. Well, Bono was in a mischievous mood, and ever the champion of equal opportunities, he brought up a girl to play guitar, and a guy to dance with. The guy wore one of those glittery cowboy hats and a feather boa, and threw some real shapes. Until his irate wife appeared onstage, ordering him to get down! He complied, after making sure she got a shot of him with each member of the band. Bono got her to do the Meerkat stream - half of which came out upside-down! Then he had a chat with her. "Are you local? Are you from Barcelona?" "I'm from Spain." "What's your name?" "Penélope"..

"So, that would be.. his Bardem-ness?" teased Bono. Yes, these were Penélope Cruz (in a wig) and her husband, Javier Bardem, who - I guess - stayed for the after-show party. Turns out they're enthusiastic supporters of the Red campaign. We may not have had the tv crews there like the night before, but what a show they missed! And then Bono sang Spanish Eyes, for Penélope of course. About time - I was wondering whether he'd ever get around to it in this, the only Spanish city on their tour!

On this occasion, it was October that moved me to tears. And it seems that rounding off the show with Bad and 40 is a staple for the last night in any city. What a night! What a week! What a city! Truly memorable. Oh, but I can't wait for the tour to hit London, on the 25th (you know I'll be there..)
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2015-05-30 - Inglewood by bcwgobuffs rated

So far starters, let’s put this review into context. LA 530 was my 18th or so show since 1983..
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2015-11-03 - London by u2fancat rated

Ah, the very last U2 show in London this year! As Bono said, they rather like being the house band...
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2015-10-09 - Barcelona by u2fancat rated

Woo-hoo, back in Barcelona! I flew with BA, which meant a slightly later flight and a later time to be..
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U2 360° Tour

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2011-07-05 - Chicago

Written by decisivenessmc - 8 days ago

Real Thing: I wish that Zoo Station was used to open 360 shows with the AB set. That would be sick.
The Fly: Standard for 360
Mysterious Ways: TTTYAATW snippet is a highlight, with about 2 lines of the song sung.
Until The End Of The World: I don't remember ever hearing such a long speech in the middle of it before.
Out Of Control: A couple of mistakes I noticed in the first minute and a half, however some of these are likely just the recording- it starts with some loud sound carrying over from UTEOTW, but then Edge seems to make a mistake. Later there's a couple other small things that are likely just the mic moving, but I'm not 100% sure.
Boots: get off yrou're sexy boots i hate them and you SPECIFICALLY, mr tax fraud bono man
Between song chatter: Honestly pretty hilarious, ranged from discussing Adam stripping and checking out the wildlife, to campaigning for Independence Week rather than Independence Day. I'm all for it.
Still Haven't Found: The Promised Land snippet was kinda cool but really just a meh song live
Stay: Standard 360 Stay, I think I prefer Zoo, Elevation and EI Stay over 360 Stay though, so nothing excellent
Beautiful Day: At the end, Edge begins the ending riff early, but Larry and Adam keep going. Meanwhile Bono sings his Space Oddity snippet, which was something I'm not sure I've heard before. I liked it, good snippet tbh
Elevation: the "oh" at about 3 minutes sounded wrong please never do that again bono
Pride: fine
Miss Sarajevo: fine
Zooropa: fine
COBL: The piano in the beginning seems like it's missing something, maybe an echo or reverb effect.
Vertigo: fine
Crazy: I always forget about the Pop snippets. I like those. Shame the rest of the song sucks though!!!!!!!!!!!
SBS: fine
Scarlet: just politics
Walk On: fine
One: fine (hear us coming would've been nice but they are becoming rarer in recent tours)
Streets: A new song as the intro to Streets I haven't seen before. Standard performance otherwise.
Hold Me: 360 arrangement is great. this is a 360 arrangement
WOWY: fine (where is shine like stars after zoo :c)
MOS: The OTH snippet was less exciting than expected being just a spoken word "oh great ocean" verse, with no instrumental.
OTH: This was clearly not very rehearsed, which I don't mind. The dialogue before it was quite funny though:
Bono: "ok, heres the deal, if we screw up really badly, you don't put it on the internet. fair?"
*edge comes in messing around with guitar*
Bono: "hows it start??? ...edge looks real confident..."
*edge gets going*
Bono: "oh for f*cks sake"

Highlights: Fly (because it's a good song), MW (Arms snippet), OOC (rarity/slight goofs make it interesting), Sarajevo (good song), Zooropa (good song), Hold Me (great arrangement), MOS (OTH snippet), OTH (seemingly on the spot)

Lowlights: Until The End Of The World has no business with that speech, Boots (trash song), Elevation (don't love the arrangement for 360), Vertigo (overplayed imo and also the 360 arrangement isn't my favorite with the blasting sound to start with), Crazy (SO BAD. Studio version was fine.. if it ain't broke, don't fix it.), Scarlet (just aang san syu kyi speech)

Overall one of the more interesting 360 shows I've heard. Definitely not perfect, but it's got some interesting aspects to it. Definitely worth a listen!
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2009-09-23 - East Rutherford by EDDMB rated

I loved this show."The Manhattan skylin,The City Of Blinding Lights".Bonos great quote.Nothing like seeing the band band here.Your Blue Room..
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2011-06-18 - Anaheim by ahn1991 rated

It's my first U2 concert, so how can't I give this a 5! But seriously, it's a great bootleg. The..
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2011-07-20 - East Rutherford by EDDMB rated

Loved it.A great way to end the 360 tour for me.The band played a great show this night.They were all..
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Vertigo Tour

437 reviews have been written by 135 users.

2005-07-10 - Paris

Written by U2Bad2017 - 1 year ago

An impressive bloody Sunday

I remember that day, I was 12 years old and I was going to see my favorite band. Four years before it I already tried to see them during their Elevation Tour but I couldn't have ticket. This time my father got two tickets by doing queue at a real shop (not on internet) and on the D-day we took the road from Belgium direction Paris. The night before I had difficult to sleep because I was so much excited and on the morning of the concert I woke up with a headache but I was still very much happy. We took the road and I was so excited that I couldn't stop talking and we listened U2 music during all journey. It was not my first concert ever. I already saw Peter Gabriel in 2003 and 2004 but my favorite band of that time was U2 and so being able to see them in concert seems nearly impossible for me (We tried twice in 2001 and in 2005 we didn't have ticket for Brussels or for Paris 1). So it was nearly impossible for me to see them and however I was on the road to the gig.

A dream was coming true. I remember how impressive I felt when I saw the France Stadium from the highway for the first time. The building seems huge to me. We drove the car under the stadium and after some security check on the car and on my father and I (three day before there were the London terrorism attack) we walked to the Z gate of the stadium. It was about 2pm and I remember I was feeling impressed by all small shops selling U2 articles and U2 music could be hear anywhere (in each bars, each shops) and everything, everywhere was like a huge U2 party. It's something that even now make me think that atmosphere at a U2 concert is particular. Now I saw about one hundred of gigs and even if we could hear some music of the band near the concert place, it's never as huge and impressive as we could see or hear around a place where U2 will play a gig. It's different, more intense, more shops, more bars, more music, more excitement. I remember that before that day I already hear some comments saying that atmopshere around a U2 concert is unique and I can say that on that day when I was walking around the France Stadium those comments hitted me and seems really appropriate. I was impressed. Then We reach the Z gate and just sat down waiting for the opening. I remember my father calling my mother and brother to tell them we were arrived safe. As a big reader I started to read my book "Bono by Bono" written by Michka Assayas and I was not the only one reading that book. A little bit before 4pm excitation was there for everyone. Everybody just stand up and rush near doors which were still closed. It was my first experience as an outdoor concert and I was impatient to come in but false alerts like my father said came often.

Then a bit after 4pm doors opened. I remember climbing steps and steps and I was almost in top of the stadium while going inside and I had my first view of the whole empty stadium and my first view of the stage. It's difficult to express the feeling I had when I saw that stage. I was 12, it was my first outdoor gig and there is a massive stage in front of me and it's on same time massive and impressive but also just like normal like the stage is just quietly there. It was a mix of the both feeling. I think seeing the whole stadium from the inside for the first time also astonished me. We walked down the stair to join the ground and tried to went as close as we could to the stage. Unfortunately there were two GA categories and we were not in the front one. Also as a 12 years old boy I was not tall and so couldn't see things very good but I didn't care I was there. After a while of course we wanted to buy a tee-shirt, drinks and need to use the bathroom wich where in the back of the GA. Since my father didn't want to let me go there alone (I was only 12) we lost our spot but when we went out of bathroom and walked to the front I realised that since there were less people in front of me my view was better on the stage. So we still went to the front but not as close as before and like that with less people in front of myself my view was correct. Even if we were not particulary close of the stage.

I don't really remember the first opening act, The Music. I have some memories of the second opening act, Snow Patrol. After that stadium was full and excitement was there. Some ola in the seats but also in the GA. It was the first time I was seeing that and it was huge to me to see so many people connected between them.

Then the song "Wake Up" of Arcade Fire has been played. Time for U2.

"Larry Mullen Jr, Adam Clayton now, say hello, bonsoir, hello hello" said Bono and immediatly the crowd repeated the hello, hello. "Un, deux, trois, catorce" and the show began. The band already caught the crowd in their hands, I was jumping and screaming lyrics of "Vertigo" in a bad English (I didn't speak it at that time). I also remember I phoned my mother and brother at home to let them hear the first song of the concert.

"Out of Control" when Bono kicked a glass of water in the crowd has been followed by "The Electric Co". It's during the solo of that song when The Edge came on B-stage that I saw him for real with my eyes for the first time. A few seconds later I saw Bono on the other B-stage. Seeing them in real for the first time was like a dream coming true for me.

After that very energic start band began to play "Elevation" and the crowd immediatly started to sing the "Ooh, ooh, ooh". Bono didn't need to lauch them. Right after "New Year's Day" started and my father pressed my arm and made me a wink and a smile because he loves that song (so do I). Adam Clayton walked on the B-stage during The Edge solo and I could see him for first time. "Beautiful Day" followed and it was indeed a great day for me and my father.

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was also a good moment. At the end of it seeing and hearing for the first time a whole stadium singing a song togheter while seeing Bono walking on B-stage is kind of impressive for a 12 years old boy.

I learned a few years after that the band scheduled to play "Bad" at that moment but didn't. When I learned that I was dissapointed because it's one of my favorite song. But during the show I never been dissapointed and when "City Of Blinding Light" has been played I was still very happy. Screen turned on and it was very pretty.

"I want to say an happy birthday to my godchild who is here tonight, Hollie, it's her 21st birthday, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Hollie, happy birthday to you" said Bono before asking to the crowd "En Français" wich the crowd answered by singing "Joyeux anniversaire" to Hollie who is The Edge daughter. This cute moment has been followed by "Miracle Drug" and "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" (when Bono made an appareance on B-stage). Great songs, nice singing by Bono and The Edge and of course nice guitar parts. I remember the giant character on the screen.

"Love and Peace or Else" was the opportunity to see Larry Mullen Jr for the first time since he was on the B-stage. Actually the whole band moved on two B-stage during that nice song. I could see them and I enjoyed the song that I found good with a nice guitar solo. Followed by "Sunday Bloody Sunday". It was a pleasure to hear it, sing it, scream the "No more" and jumped on it. My father really appreciate "Bullet The Blue Sky" and I did too. I clapped my hands in rythm at the end of "Bullet The Blue Sky" like the majority of the crowd.

I didn't know "Running To Stand Still" at that time but I enjoyed it and tried for the first time to do like everyone using a light during a gig. I was looking around me all the time to see that spectacular view of thousand and thousand of small light. I remember I burned myself at the end because the light became quiet hot after a few use.

Then one of my favorite U2 song of that time "Pride (In the Name of Love)" has been played and I was jumping and singing. I was also screaming the "Oh, oh" at the end and was impressed by all the crowd singing and didn't really realise I was a part of them doing the same. I hear Bono talking in French "Mais ce soir, c'est un rêve Africain". And all the crowd kept doing the "Oh, oh" until the first notes of "Where The Streets Have No Name" started. I also remember all the African flags. The crowd turned crazy during "Where The Streets Have No Name" and I was not the only one then jumping and screaming the song. That moment definitely put a great ambiant during the show.

Just before "One" Bono did a French speech to the crowd. I remember me and my father applausing and thinking "well said, he is right". "One" was truly a great song that night.

The band then left the stage with a "Bonsoir Paris".

After a few minutes a screen divided in four turned on with Zoo TV era pictures. Then like a slot machine four faces of four unpopular people at that time appeared on the screen. I remember Michael Jackson was there. Crowd reacted badly to those faces. Then two faces were replacing with the Zooropa face and two other faces apparead and once again crowd reacted badly to them. Those two faces were replacing by Zooropa faces to make four Zooropa faces on screen. Crowd was finally happy and "Zoo Station" began with lot of positive reaction from the people. Bono on screen was acting like in the introduction of the Zoo TV show and came into the B-stage again (for my great pleasure since I could see him again even if it was far away from me). The Edge also came on the other B-stage.

When "The Fly" started both my father and I were happy because we loved the "Elevation Tour" version. Screen was a reminder of the Zoo TV era it was astonishing and song was energic, The Edge solo was good, crowd was happy and I was jumping and singing. I remember I was still jumping and screaming when "With Or Without You" started and I saw a woman looking at me with a smile on her face. She maybe thought this kid is crazy but I think she was more like smiling like an adult sometimes do when they see a child being very happy. Anyway "With Or Without You" was good. I used the light again and burned myself again. I remember Bono took a girl from the B-stage with him and leading her to the main stage. She said hello to each member and I thought she was lucky. I sing most of the song too and like all the crowd made the "Oh, oh". We learnt at the end of the song that the lucky girl was Fanny. Band left the stage and it was time for a second encore.

It began with "All Because Of You" which was followed by a wonderful acoustic song "Yahweh " who has been singing by the crowd too. Just before singing it Bono thanked The Music and Snow Patrol for opening the show. The last song of my first U2 gig was the same as the first one "Vertigo". It's weird to play twice the same song and I wished we could have another song to conclude but oh well I was happy to see that band. Words "The End" then apperead on the screen to conclude the show. Crowd of course applaused the band long time after the end of the concert.

My day dream didn't end yet. My father bought me a poster and I recorded some songs of the show on my old Sony Ericsson and listened them while talking about the show to my father on the way back home. I remember we paused on a highway shop. He took a coffee and I took a tea. There was a sign "Out of service" on the slot for money and I was so tired I didn't get it and removed the sign and was about to put my money in the machine but my father stopped me and lead me to another machine where I got my tea. I was exhausted but truly happy and it's on that funny little story that my review end.
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2005-03-28 - San Diego by cesar_garza01 rated

Here it is, the first Vertigo show. Technically not the debut of the songs (there was a rehearsal in L.A...
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2005-06-18 - London by EDDMB rated

Its great..I would give it a 5 but..the 3 missing songs make me take off a notch.This is a MUST..
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2005-07-29 - Gothenburg by cesar_garza01 rated

In terms of sound and performance, this is one of the best Vertigo bootlegs. If you're looking for European Vertigo..
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Elevation Tour

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2001-05-16 - Chicago

Written by Federico_Toni - 7 months ago

U2 in Chicago is always a good combo. U2 playing the last night in a city is always a great combo. So I had high expectations for this show. I had listened to this before but I didn't remember anything in partucular. This is a very good show but for me it lacks that special element that can "elevate" (:P ) a concert and take it to another level. Anyway, as I wrote, the performance is really good, there are very few mistakes and Bono almost gets all the lyrics right. Bono is also in a festive mood because his son John Abraham will be born soon. Anyway, on to the show.
The first part of the setlist is pure ZOO TV revival. Songs 2-7 are the exact same as they were in 1992/1993. In addition to that, you also get 6 new songs (almost everything you could get at the time with the exception of In A Little While and The Ground Beneath Her Feet). Elevation starts the show in the right way with a good snippet of Be My Baby. Then there's the ZOO TV set which is performed really well. The Fly has a shorter intro than usual, Even Better Than The Real Thing makes one of the last appearances in its traditional arrangement, One sounds really good this early in the setlist and it has an amazing snippet of Wake Up Dead Man. New Year's Day is another highlight of the show that brings us to the more familiar part of the setlist. The surprise here is the great performance of New York. It has a strange tin whistle intro and Edge makes a small mistake at the beginning but it just rocks. Bono's low notes at the start are amazing, Adam shines in the middle 8 and the ending is pure gold. Then on to I Will Follow which has a great middle 8 improvisation by Bono about the early days in Chicago. Sunday Bloody Sunday is very good as well with a funny moment at the start of the solo. Then comes the true highlight for me: Sweetest Thing is performed in a perfect way with an amazing bass part by Adam and a very good piano playing by Bono. The acoustic part of the show sees a good (although a bit slow) performance of Angel Of Harlem followed by a reinvention of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (played here for the only time in the first two legs of Elevation Tour). It has a funny intro and the harmonics created by the voices of Bono and Edge are just incredible. All I Want Is You (with Bono playing some acoustic guitar) followed by Streets (with a great drum part by Larry as usual in the Elevation Tour) and Pride (In The Name Of Love) end the main set. The encore is a standard one with the exception of Beautiful Day (very rarely played this late in the setlist during the Elevation Tour) and a great Joey Ramone tribute, the cover of I Remember You. Bullet The Blue Sky sees a very inspired The Edge who gifts us with a stellar solo.


New Year's Day
New York
Sweetest Thing (best performance of the night)
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For


No real lows, just missing that "plus" that other shows have. Anyway, download this and I'm sure you won't be disappointed
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2001-05-16 - Chicago by iTim rated

It’s no secret that the band bring their ‘A’ game to Chicago. This run of Elevation shows culminates with a..
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2001-10-13 - Hamilton by mattfromcanada rated

As this was my first GA experience, I took the day off with my brother and stood in line in..
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2001-10-13 - Hamilton by truthsfate rated

I had the amazing pleasure to have U2 play in my hometown on the only tour that really mattered to..
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1997-12-09 - Vancouver

Written by Doming0 - 6 years ago

My brother and I started off with nosebleed seats and while Smash Mouth was playing we found the Ticketmaster girl and asked if we could upgrade our seats. We told her we were willing to pay. She refused money and gave us two floor tickets while warning us that they weren't the "best" seats in the house as the sight lines were obstructed by a speaker stanchion and they were about 40 rows back from the front.

Needless to say, we were elated and while Smash Mouth continued to butcher their one and only hit song we made our way to the concession in order to purchase this nice lady a pop and some chips just to say thanks.

We returned to her ticket booth and presented her with said food and said thank you and left to find our seats. Before we were too far away she hollered at us to come back and then proceeded to give us row 7 tickets right on the railing to the B-Stage!!!

What followed next was the most epic moment of that night as we made our way through the crowd towards our new luxurious seats and the sounds of MOFO starting to fill the arena. SO amazing!
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1997-06-12 - Winnipeg by Pegpop rated

On Thursday, June 12th, 42,270 U2 fans were ready to welcome the band to the prairies. It was the Canadian..
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1997-12-03 - Mexico City by loftarasa rated

No lows, just highs really!
This was one of the first bootlegs I listened to and is since then my..
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1997-05-31 - East Rutherford by EDDMB rated

Well,as I said,I was down on the band at this point.Thank God they woke up and went back to basics..
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1992-03-17 - Boston

Written by carbide - 7 months ago

17/3/1992 - Boston, Massachusetts - This review has spoilers
Here we see the first major variations in the Zoo TV setlist as both Van Diemen’s Land and a cover of Dirty Old Town, sung by Larry (and here, Edge too) make their debuts in the set, and both are a huge treat, giving more breathing space between the two main parts of the main set. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day, so Bono constantly changes up lyrics in reference to it (the first line of Zoo Station is literally “I’m ready for St. Patrick’s”) throughout the show. Both of these things combined give this show big points for uniqueness and make it stand out from every other NA Zoo Inside show I’ve heard so far. Another important thing to mention is this is the first show with a transition between Until The End of The World and Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, as every other show just had one song ending and the other starting with no link at all, which is a surprisingly large milestone in the evolution of this incredible tour. Larry takes a verse to himself at the end of Angel of Harlem which is a nice treat, and Edge is also having a fantastic night here, as of course he got to sing his own song and gave us incredible solos on both Bullet The Blue Sky and Love is Blindness. Where The Streets Have No Name and The Fly have a few errors but they can be easily looked past here. The encore is once again fantastic, With or Without You and of course Love is Blindness being the standouts here. Overall, this is a huge milestone for Zoo TV and we’re really starting to see the tour coming into its own here.
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1992-03-01 - Miami by carbide rated

1/3/1992 - Miami, Florida - This review has spoilers
Here, they’re starting to get the hang of some songs and certainly..
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1992-03-13 - Worcester by Breemsicle rated

Worth hearing. It's a really fun concert, but the poor sound makes it a difficult listen.


Even Better than the..
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1993-08-12 - London by decisivenessmc rated

Highlights: One, Zooropa, Babyface, Stay, I Will Follow, Bad-Bullet The Blue Sky, Running to Stand Still-Where The Streets Have No..
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1989-12-01 - Osaka

Written by aussiemofo - 12 years ago

* The upside down setlist

* Bono playing audience cop as he was prone to do during this era. I don't know what was funnier, Bono getting angry or the mental picture of a Japanese crowd moshing to I Still Haven't Found...
It gets better in the middle of People Get Ready "Listen guy, one more piece of shit out of you and you're outta here. I don't care if you paid the front row. I'm tellin' ya. Leave him for one more and he's fuckin' outta here."

* One Tree Hill---->Streets. If that's not how Streets was meant to start I don't know what is!

* All I Want Is You and 40 close out the show nicely.


* One of the only occasions when Angel was not played leaving BB King's band a bit short. I guess something had to give with the inclusion of Slow Dancing. The BB King set would go on to become entrenched as the encore during the second leg.

* The setlist could have used With or Without You before 40.

* Three covers is probably one too many, but I suppose they added to the fun and I'm being picky now.

Overall, a show definitely worth getting and keeping. The Point Depot gigs and, to a lesser extent Rotterdams, are the yardstick for Lovetown boots and performances but this Osaka show isn't far behind. I got it a while ago and still enjoy listening to it every now and then.

4 stars overall.
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1989-12-01 - Osaka by nickbibby rated

I like Lovetown because it throws up some real surprise sets and this tops the lot. Opening by playing..
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1989-12-11 - Paris by cesar_garza01 rated

What a way to start Lovetown in Europe! The crowd was already going nuts even during the PA songs and..
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1989-12-15 - Dortmund by cesar_garza01 rated

It doesn't get any better than this Lovetown leg and Dortmund is no exception. Perhaps the best show of the..
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Joshua Tree Tour

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1987-06-17 - Cologne

Written by bodoheil - 6 years ago

The atmosphere was very foul. It was my first U2 concert, but not my first stadium concert, and I remember it well. The rain had started in the afternoon, but in the morning and around noon it had been very hot. There was a terrible pushing and shoving of the audience waiting at the entrances for doors open, and many seemed to be well drunk and I did see many, many empty drinks containers, beer cans, wine packs and bottles outside. The doors open seemed badly organised. Some a few yards away opened before others did, the seemed to be little coordination. People were pissed off by that, they wanted an equal chance in the run to the centre stage spots.

The openers, I remember The Pretenders, Big Audio Dynamite and Lou Reed, were all booed and generally badly accepted, at least in the part of the audience I happened to be stuck in, which was third, second row, slightly to the right of centre stage. The place looked like an open battle for the first row and of course I participated first, being rather stoutly built and not one to back off easily. This concert had meant the world to me, after I had gotten hold of a ticket, through a multitude of different lucky concurrences.

I believe, I cannot be sure anymore about it, that The Daltons opened last. I might confuse that, though, with a show I might have seen on the internet of that time, after all, it's been 28 years.

When WTSHNN began with its droning synth-sounds and the guitar's delayed arpeggios, and the band appeared one by one, the crowd went mad and the stifling squeeze got worse. But when the bass and the drums joined and slowly built up the song's hard pushing, driving beat the crowd went berserk. I had a fight with an American, a GI by his crew cut and confidence, and the security did not notice. He hit me in the nose, but luckily he could not swing properly, for lack of room to move. I could not get my arms up enough, so I hit where I could. The security were highly unprofessional (I did that job later in life myself) and completely taken aback with the sheer violence of the crowd's pushing forward, the yelling and the screaming of girls who obviously were in acute fear. The waves of people’s shoving often moved me ten or more yards away from where I had been before. I remember the moment when the band jumped into the first song and the red lights flooded all over the rain-drenched crowd. The heat from the electric lights washed over the people and actually felt quite warm on the face. Seconds afterwards clouds of vapour of the drying rain partially took away the sight of the stage.

I had had enough by then. I withdrew to the seats ranks, found myself a place and watched from about a hundred yards away. I was deeply disappointed with the on-goings and felt betrayed and let down. I had thought that we had all been there together to celebrate the same thing. I had been wrong. U2 had become a phenomenon and had stopped being a rock and roll band. They were a sensation, not music to dance and sing the lyrics and to feel alive by, because the songs spoke to you about your life and you inner self. This was a spectacle, not a concert. No one danced. They all fought. No one sang. Everybody screamed. No one had fun. They all tried to hold on to their place or get a better one by being more brutal than the opponent, because that is what everybody was, an adversary and a rival in trying to be as close to the band as possible. Do not think that I was naive about it. I understood as I do now that people want to be as close as possible to their lucky stars. But I wasn't expecting the brutality I encountered, and it did not seem to make sense, and I was not prepared to put up with it, as I would not be today. I do not think that it was anything else but sheer good fortune that there wasn't anyone killed in the throng in front of the stage. It was brutal enough for that. None of my later U2 shows had that quality and quantity of ruthlessness and viciousness.

When 40 began I was on my way out, walking outside the stadium trying to hitchhike my way back to where I was due. I remember feeling like hell. It took me weeks to be able to enjoy the music again.
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1987-09-28 - New York by EDDMB rated

I think this gig has flown under the radar.I know it was a long time ago,but this is classic U2.No..
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1987-07-15 - Madrid by LikeASong rated

When the Where The Streets Have No Name organ sounded over the 125k people on the stadium and lights went..
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1987-10-29 - Rosemont by MattG rated

I have to knock this one down because of the sound quality and because of a few performance issues. Bono's..
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Conspiracy Of Hope

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1986-06-13 - Rosemont

Written by johnetnaicsurf - 10 months ago

Oh my fu...in` goodness what a brilliant show.
Today first time Iistened/watched this awesome concert. What an oustanding performance, especially Bono is freaking out during Bad. So much energy, his dancing is from another world, the snippets made me speechless...the whole Band is in best mood, good times 1986 - pure energy.

Sunday bloody Sunday...the first two verses sung slowly with Edge´s beautiful picking guitar, Bono´s voice is from another star. Maggie´s Farm...without words - goosebumps time !!! Pride...it is never been my favourite song...but here...Chapeau !!!

Please download this Show...it is like drinking a very good wine.
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1986-06-13 - Rosemont by MattG rated

Everything I WASN'T looking forward to about this show, I loved. "Pride" and "Maggie's Farm", I wasn't all that cracked..
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Unforgettable Fire Tour

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1984-11-06 - Glasgow

Written by Edi - 4 years ago

We were all young. The place was crammed. U2 were already massive in Glasgow by the end of 1982 and had played bigger venues (the legendary Apollo). In 1984 it was a difficult ticket to get.

The Barrowlands is essentially a dancehall with a spring-loaded wooden ballroom floor but quite a low ceiling. This all made for much 'bouncy-bouncy' and the very definition of a sweat-filled room! Condensation was literally running down the walls and dripping from the ceiling (I even remember it dripping from my elbows !). You could wring it your t-shirt.

The Watherboys were support who were also very big at the time& they did sing of course All of the Moon !

The energy in the crowd and from the band was incredible. New songs from TUF and older songs went down a storm. Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill (from Simple Minds, local Glasgow boys and friends with U2) were at the back and the crowd all spotted them & sung to them. (Bono a month later in January 1985 joined the Minds on-stage at the same venue for New Gold Dream which blew the roof off).

We only had tickets for the first night but it was so good we went back up the next day and queued up for on-the-door tickets with probably 100 or more others. I remember a scuffle broke out in the queue as some people started singing sectarian/Irish Celtic songs. They were quickly shouted down by others stating '...we are U2 fans, we are not here for that, the band would not want it, we are better than that'! We got in again having barely recovered from the previous night dehydration.

...and U2 brought the house down again.

A mere 7 months later they would conquer the world at Live Aid and everyone would know what all the fuss was about.

...and 34 years later I still want to get tickets for the next tour in 2018 !

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1985-04-18 - Worcester by cesar_garza01 rated

One of the most special UF shows and the best setlist of the tour! At the beginning Bono said they..
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1985-04-15 - East Rutherford by DanielLikeAlbum rated

My 2nd Unforgettable Fire concert and just like the first show it features a band who are really enjoying themselves..
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1985-03-21 - Chicago by Ali709 rated

mazing! It was the first ever Unforgettable Fire tour bootleg I listened to. It exceeded my expectations. It’s a very..
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War Tour

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1983-06-01 - San Francisco

Written by fleavox - 5 years ago

The show is plagued by tech problems but was oddly funny, specially after first 6 songs!!

Highlights: Out of Control (disaster but really funny, when they restarted the song, was very well played), Seconds (Edge's guitar sounds different), Sunday Bloody Sunday (Edge's backing vocals with rough voice, I don't know if was Larry or Adam, but I also can clearly hear one third voice on chorus), Electric Co, October (a bit out of tempo, but sounds good), New Year's Day (same case than Seconds), Gloria (Larry's drums sound amazing during Adam's solo, and at end, Edge's voice sounds rough again, one of my fave versions on this tour), 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (all the cases, Edge's guitar and backing vocals sounds a bit different, drums and bass sounding amazing), and 40 (powerfull drums and good crowd)

Strange case that almost all highlights deserves some comments!
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1983-05-05 - Boston by cesar_garza01 rated

First of all, the FM broadcast is NOT from this concert, it is actually from the show next day, so..
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1982-12-06 - London by CMIPalaeo rated

A must-have. Excellent quality bootleg, probably the best I've heard from the early tours.

-Surrender (best performance, somewhat different than the..
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1983-06-05 - Denver by EDDMB rated

Classic.Just epic show.The band really found themselves at this time.Their live shows were so great.Just the band,the music was so..
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October Tour

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1981-10-30 - Amsterdam

Written by cesar_garza01 - 6 years ago

U2 in the Netherlands. Enough said. There's always something in the air when the band plays here and this show is no exception. For the October tour, the band reworked some of their Boy songs and they sound better than ever. Another Time, Another Place, An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart, Stories for Boy are highlights of the show. The October songs are always better than their studio counterparts and the broadcast has great sound for them here. During 11 O'Clock Bono plays with the audience and it sounds incredible (he did that for the whole tour, I love these October versions). After Fire, they sang Happy Birthday to Larry. By taking pieces of all 3 sources of this show, you can form a great, complete bootleg for this show. This is the first great full October bootleg and one of the best.
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1982-07-04 - Werchter by cesar_garza01 rated

U2 playing in Werchter for the first time (they eventually became the headliners just 3 years after) and they gave..
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1982-03-17 - New York by cesar_garza01 rated

This and Lido Beach are perhaps the best October bootlegs you'll find. The setlist is great and some songs had..
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1981-11-29 - San Francisco by CMIPalaeo rated

Excellent early October show, just about up there with the Lido Beach gig the following month. That one benefits from..
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Boy Tour

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1981-03-18 - San Jose

Written by Dystopian45 - 5 years ago

As I remember it, this was a free show or cost next to nothing to attend. It was held in the student union ballroom of San Jose State University. This room was built to be earthquake proof and the floor was suspended on something like springs. When the floor got packed and the music started and people started moving in time with the music the floor started to act like a trampoline. No kidding. If you timed your jump you could launch yourself 3 to 4 feet off the floor. They had to have crew guys hold the P.A. system in place as everything started to wobble. I saw XTC, Huey Lewis, Fabulous Thunderbirds and more in this room and all the shows were amazing with a very intimate vibe. I miss those days.
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1981-05-15 - San Francisco by cesar_garza01 rated

I rediscovered this gig and it is truly fantastic. I listened to the old source a long time ago and..
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1981-05-15 - San Francisco by mookymookins rated

This is one of the best Boy tour bootlegs around and has all the songs you'd expect to hear at..
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1980-11-11 - Canterbury by fleavox rated

Interesting bootleg, great performance and an average recording, maybe if the taper were in another position we can get a..
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Early Days

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1980-02-26 - Dublin

Written by CMIPalaeo - 5 years ago

Silver Lining is an early version of 11 O'Clock Tick Tock. Musically it's nearly identical (except a few neat little things at the end) but has very different lyrics. Speed of Life has lyrics, unlike the version that was eventually officially released. Trevor is an early version of Touch. Shadows and Tall Trees sounds quite different to the version on Boy.

Overall, a very solid show with great historical value. It's really something special to see the band at this early stage playing with all the passion and fire that will define their whole career.

- Life On a Distant Planet (one of my favourite of U2's early songs)
- Another Day
- Pete the Chop
- Cartoon World
- Twilight
- Out of Control
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1979-10-22 - Cork by cornellazar rated

I love this show / recording. All the old, unreleased tunes are stellar Punk/New Wave and hint at what U2..
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1980-03-02 - Tullamore by CMIPalaeo rated

Nothing spectacular, fun but inexperienced performance and mediocre sound. The main selling point for this boot is the number of..
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1979-10-22 - Cork by cesar_garza01 rated

One of the earliest known bootlegs and a fun one to listen to. As many have said, only here you..
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Various Dates

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2018-06-30 - Bourne

Written by john2u - 3 years ago

We were one the few radio station winners to win this contest. Each radio station only had one grand prize winner (SF, KC, HOS, MIL, DC, NY & BOS) but last two cities were able to bring more guests (NY+10 & Bos+20) but didn't get flights or 2 nights at 5 star hotel like the remote station winners. So there was probably around 50 radio winners and rest were radio people and sponsors of the show all of whom were very nice to us (probably less than 150 in all). Very intimate show with Bono being very relaxed and very talkative the whole time.

Having seeing six shows on the current tour I knew this would be a very unique experience. The morning of the show they transported us remote winners by train to Cape Cod and then by a luxury transport van. We were taken to a another beach house where we spent most of the day there until the band arrived at main beach house. I must say I was thrilled with the show and my entire time there. Special thanks to my friend Wendy for picking me to join her on this once in a lifetime experience.
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1983-12-18 - London by partygirl65 rated

I didn't have a ticket to this show and I got a single 5th row ticket as a return at..
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2015-10-16 - London by ajr rated

Having seen a tweet late last Thursday afternoon from U2ComZooMods inviting a reply with just my name to maybe get..
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2011-06-24 - Glastonbury by patssox95 rated

WOW,wow,wow,wow! This is the best bootleg on this site. i know everyone's favorite show(s) is on you were..
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