1997-04-28 - San Diego, California - Jack Murphy Stadium


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songs per album

  1. Pop (9)
  2. Achtung Baby (4)
  3. The Joshua Tree (4)
  4. Boy (1)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (1)

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review by aintmybeef

1 year ago


Are you the kind of person who when they see a car-wreck can’t help but fixate with great relish on every detail of broken glass, twisted metal and general chaotic debris in the most savoring sort of way? Well, if so, this is the show for you! You thought the infamous first show in Las Vegas was delicious enough, well, it has nothing on this second night - even if Bono states before this show’s Even Better Than The Real Thing that *this* is the real first night. Oops.

Not one single song is spared the carnage of the lowest point of PopMart’s entire tour: flubbed notes, mumbled (and even oft forgotten) lyrics, missed cues and a general broken flow between songs that even has the band at some stages fumbling around for an awkward half minute before haphazardly commencing the next song. Bono even asks the band what the next song is at one stage. It was even worse for the new Pop songs – it was as if they had just created them the night before. You couldn’t get rougher than this.


Average. Not great, but not bad either. You can hear every flub and jeer quite well in this recording.
Recording: Audience microphone - 2.5 stars


Well, one thing was rougher than the performance – the audience. As much as Bono buttered them up with saying that they were a great crowd for a great night (neither statement being very true at all), it didn’t help an iota with a spoilt crowd – whom, might I add, you can hear very clearly in this recording, warts and all – who leered and cursed at the band or just chose to remain dead silent when the new songs were played and who at best clapped and sang out of tune and out of time for a few seconds into the classic songs and then resumed chatting throughout.
There is one poignant moment that sums up the crowd’s feeling of the whole night when one bloke shouts out, “Just play the f$%^ing song!” Yikes.


– Miami. Although it starts a little shaky, it turns REALLY good. Probably the best it’s ever been performed, which is quite surprising considering the circumstances.

– ISHFWILF. Sounds different than usual, in a good way. For some odd reason, it feels really suited to San Diego.

– Forgotten or slurred lyrics. Especially evident in I Will Follow, WOWY, Bullet and HMTMKMKM.
– Edge’s very sloppy guitar playing is throughout. It seems as if both him and Bono had had a big night out on the town the evening before and were now recovering from a very intense hangover that unfortunately had to be at the show they were playing at.

Speaking of Bono, this can be either a highlight or lowlight or something completely other, but there are many moments where Bono gives a little speech or tries to make light of the situation when the band are stuffing up. However, it comes off as awkward and embarrassing. Having said that, it makes Bono feel more human, even if the crowd weren’t very well at receiving it.

As mentioned, you can choose to see this show as either good or bad – or something quite intriguing. After all, the sight of a car crash can be quite an irresistible spectacle.

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