1997-12-09 - Vancouver, British Columbia - B.C. Place Stadium

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review by Doming0

9 years ago


I had never seen another live gig that ever came close to this shows magnitude or awesomeness. From what I remember the band was cohesive but I was so lost in the moment that it could have been great or horrible and I wouldn't have noticed.


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Recording: IEM - 4 stars


I can't recollect. I do remember the crowd singing along whole heartedly when the band played from the B-Stage.


My brother and I started off with nosebleed seats and while Smash Mouth was playing we found the Ticketmaster girl and asked if we could upgrade our seats. We told her we were willing to pay. She refused money and gave us two floor tickets while warning us that they weren't the "best" seats in the house as the sight lines were obstructed by a speaker stanchion and they were about 40 rows back from the front.

Needless to say, we were elated and while Smash Mouth continued to butcher their one and only hit song we made our way to the concession in order to purchase this nice lady a pop and some chips just to say thanks.

We returned to her ticket booth and presented her with said food and said thank you and left to find our seats. Before we were too far away she hollered at us to come back and then proceeded to give us row 7 tickets right on the railing to the B-Stage!!!

What followed next was the most epic moment of that night as we made our way through the crowd towards our new luxurious seats and the sounds of MOFO starting to fill the arena. SO amazing!

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