2001-11-09 - Salt Lake City, Utah - Delta Center


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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (7)
  2. The Joshua Tree (3)
  3. Achtung Baby (2)
  4. War (2)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  6. Boy (1)
  7. Pop (1)

best song performances

  1. Wild Honey (3 votes)

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review by deanallison

2 years ago


Very strong performance, only major issue was the lyrics for people get ready being forgotten and improvised but the band played really well.


Great recording.
Recording: "Dafy Matrix" - 5 stars


I listened to the soundboard in full where the audience come through on a few occasions but I also gave a couple of tracks on the audience source a listen and they were the typical great leg 3 Elevation tour crowd.


Almost a 5 for me but just short. I think this show makes a great option to go along side Boston and Slane. Not better but with Wild Honey and Please it gives a bit of variation at that part of the show. Peace on Earth before Walk On is good too albeit a very short version. The reason I don’t quite give this 5 is the inclusion of the 2 covers people get ready which was a mess lyrically and What’s Going On which is a song that doesn’t convince me in general but even less so live. I’m also not a big fan of the lyric changes on leg 3 for New York but I still enjoyed listening to the song because of the music in particular. Overall though a pretty great show that I would definitely recommend.

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