2001-11-23 - Phoenix, Arizona - America West Arena


Performance notes: In God's Country is performed for the first time since 9 October 1989. Bono claims that it is the first time it has been performed in 15 years, despite the fact that The Joshua Tree was only 14 years old in 2001! A female fan is brought on stage to cover Bob Dylan's I Shall Be Released - although Bono had participated in a performance of it as recently as 30 June 2001, the song was last played at a U2 concert on 20 April 1987. No Doubt's Gwen Stefani joins the band for What's Going On; this is the last of her eight consecutive performances of the song with U2.
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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (6)
  2. The Joshua Tree (4)
  3. Achtung Baby (2)
  4. War (2)
  5. Boy (1)
  6. Pop (1)
  7. Rattle and Hum (1)
  8. The Unforgettable Fire (1)

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review by CMIPalaeo

9 years ago


Good performance. The band are playing very well. Bono seems to be in a very fluid way for this show, adding little quips to songs and playing with the words.

Most of the songs are played very well. Out of Control has the changed lyric that would appear in some form or another on the 2000s tours. New York has the changed lyric prevalent on the post-9/11 leg of the tour. A fan plays guitar on I Shall Be Released. Bono gives a couple of nice little speeches through the night, the one before One is touching, I felt.

Pride was quite strong with a snippet of In God's Country. Beautiful Day is also strong and also has one. Stuck In a Moment was another very strong performance. Kite and Sunday Bloody Sunday were quite good. Bono's work on Bullet the Blue Sky is nothing special but Edge's guitar in it seems to really rock more than usual on this tour. Bono toys with the tempo and phrasing of the lyric in One.


Very good quality. May have had some crackles in New York but I think that might have just been my headphones messing up.
Recording: ALD - 4 stars


Good audience, but not a major, impressive element of the bootleg.


Very, very good Elevation concert. I sometimes feel Elevation shows can be almost boring and standard, but this one is a nice shakeup. The real selling point for this boot is the performance of In God's Country, not seen since the 80s! The high-quality sound is another great point.

-Beautiful Day
-Out of Control
-Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
-In God's Country

-I Shall Be Released (slows the show down quite a bit, really)
-What's Going On (just a bit slow and a little dull)

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