2001-12-02 - Miami, Florida - American Airlines Arena (2)


Comments: It's the last show of the Elevation Tour, and before U2's set, Larry joins opener Garbage during their set. This show features the last ever performances of Please and New York, and the last performance of In God's Country until 22 May 2015.
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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (6)
  2. The Joshua Tree (4)
  3. Achtung Baby (3)
  4. Other songs (3)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  6. Boy (1)
  7. War (1)
  8. Pop (1)

best song performances

  1. Please (4 votes)
  2. Bad (4 votes)
  3. In God's Country (3 votes)

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1 from Indiana: dinmon
1 from Texas: Molykote
1 from Alaska: Spacejunk
1 from Argentina: juanya
1 from California: dlbenz
1 from Japan: gardenia
1 from Canada: Bonoman8
1 from New York: tsnafus
1 from Germany: ZOOTVTOURist
1 from South Carolina: wmu2
1 from Venezuela: Niko_vox
1 from Hawaii: INCA
1 from United Kingdom: gorbyuk

review by cesar_garza01

3 years ago


Last Elevation show and the boys leave with a bang. It doesn't feel like a tired show, they want to give America 2 hours of solace.


The matrix does a very good job cleaning the sound and putting the audience in a more prominent place. Great sound specially if you're listening with headphones. The counts are barely present.
Recording: "Wireless Matrix" - 5 stars


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So it ended where it all began. Bono was singing for Miami but he knew that all America was listening. It was a great show and the best part was the pretty unique setlist. Beautiful Day was great, and UTEOTW was followed by Mysterious Ways instead of NYD. Out of Control is a nice treat after it and SBS had a longer pause between choruses so that Bono can give a message about how much U2 loves America. Then we have probably the best part of the show with Kite and a great acoustic set with In God's Country (miles away from JT, but it feels fresh), Knockin' on Heaven's Door with a fan and the always touching Please. The rest of the concert continued in good form and we had a very good New York, with lyrics referencing 9/11. One didn't disappoint and it was followed by a snippet of My Sweet Lord, which I enjoyed. As usual for last nights, Bono thanked the U2 crowd for making the tour possible and then we had one of the best versions of Walk On, with a snippet of 40 but still with the "Hallelujah" music, ending the show and the tour in very good form.

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