2004-11-22 - New York, New York - Empire Fulton Ferry State Park


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songs per album

  1. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (7)
  2. Boy (2)
  3. B-sides and singles (1)
  4. All That You Can't Leave Behind (1)

best song performances

  1. She's A Mystery To Me (5 votes)
  2. City Of Blinding Lights (3 votes)
  3. Out Of Control (3 votes)

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show attendees: 12

New York
New Jersey
4 users from New York: Clancy3434, DProfesa, EDDMB, u2met86
3 from New Jersey: ackirl, kewell, minimalist
2 from Connecticut: MikeUMA, Mila17
1 from Alabama: ree5669
1 from Canada: RyanBoese
1 from Australia: jenkins000

review by CMIPalaeo

4 years ago


A very exciting performance, with the guys really into their music. 'She's a Mystery to Me' was nice to see.


Some songs are perfect quality, such as 'Vertigo' and 'All Because of You.' Others, however, are much worse off, like 'Miracle Drug.'
Recording: Audience microphone - 3 stars


Enthusiastic audience, which I actually think hinders this bootleg quite a bit.


Not a bad bootleg and a very good show. However, it's kind of oddly done. There are some parts where it's been cut so that the same bits are repeated.
All Because of You (very, very good)
I Will Follow
City of Blinding Lights

Lowlights (because of poor sound):
Miracle Drug
Original of the Species

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