2018-09-04 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena

On Tuesday 4 September a U2 performance in Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena is scheduled to take place, share your participation on this page with us:

We would like to know which shows you attended and which shows you are going to attend. On this page you can see which members attended or are going to attend this show. Maybe you can send some of them a private message to meet up or talk about this show.

show attendees: 48

28 users from Netherlands:
BigGiRL, Desert_rose, Doortje, Eriktotti88, FromU22U, Janus02, Jennytjuhh88, MartinRomeling, Pasta, Patricku2fan, Sme012, Soundwall, TrabiDre, U2C, acrobat01, djcfb, erwinschot, hkle77, martijnu2start, michelpas, mofothethird, one8ung, r0b0n0, splinter67, struukangeren, veltbakkers, vertigo05suug, zoorostar

9 from Germany:
IwillFOLLOW, MacStripey, Mark2025, WilliamBlake4U2, chris_rde, flowerchild, hannes269, hep, u2makesbono

7 from Belgium:
KC11, SvenR, bspring1, jojes, nicocoppens, nourssuperstar, u2willu2

1 from Arizona: malamute
1 from United Kingdom: Hans23
1 from Portugal: bcplux
1 from Austria: hanussen111
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ticket overview (2)

  1. By magnolia61       Send message
    2 tickets to trade (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    I would like to trade 2xGA for Cologne and I am looking for 2XGA Amsterdam October 7th. Only trading, no selling. Let's help each other. (We got to carry each other, one love)

  2. By Jeffreyduce       Send message
    1 ticket to trade (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    Would like to trade my ticket for a similar ticket (GA) for the Cologne 2 show (2018-09-05). I have a paper ticket, and will only trade it for another paper ticket (so no E-ticket!).