2018-09-01 - Berlin, Germany - Mercedes

On Saturday 1 September a U2 performance in Berlin, Germany - Mercedes is scheduled to take place, share your participation on this page with us:

We would like to know which shows you attended and which shows you are going to attend. On this page you can see which members attended or are going to attend this show. Maybe you can send some of them a private message to meet up or talk about this show.

show attendees: 55

14 users from Germany:
Bonolina, Christoph001, MacStripey, MaikU2, Mona_Lizard, Smooney14, VanHimmel, chris_rde, flowerchild, hardti, loftarasa, nadgahan, sparko, u2makesbono

13 from Netherlands:
Backdraft, DutchU2Fan, Eelkie, FromU22U, Moonboot, NateV, Remy, U2123, itisme, mofothethird, one8ung, wtonis, youtoo69

6 from United Kingdom:
CraigFairlie, Gunnersgal, Turkued, Welsh_Edge, superkev, zooropa93

4 from Poland: anyaz_pl, grzeko, pawelp, znaczek
2 from Finland: Ramppa, freaky
2 from Brazil: AidanFormigoni, marciniak
2 from Czech Republic: Happy24, petrkolacek
2 from Italy: beppetorino, mastrovox
2 from Ireland: fakeboner007, treasure
1 from Austria: krypto1983
1 from Greece: panasol
1 from New Zealand: kiwigene
1 from Norway: asandvik
1 from Arizona: malamute
1 from Slovenia: apis
1 from Spain: LikeASong
1 from Australia: 360fly
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  1. By Shimitz       Send message
    1 ticket for sale (E-ticket)
    Seating ticket: Block 207 - Row: 21 Seat:
    Price: 230,40€


    I'd like to trade my seating ticket for a standing ticket.
    I'm totally willing to swap 1 for 1, I do not want the price change.