2018-07-03 - Uncasville, Connecticut - Mohegan Sun Arena

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review by kevins2u

4 years ago


Last show on the North American leg of Experience & Innocence brought out the very best of the band - Intense - Spirited - FUN and an incredible High Level performance from the band. The small intimate arena added to the intensity, with the production (e-stage) barely fitting onto the floor at Mohegan Sun! It was an Unforgettable Night!!! During the gig, we noticed what an amazing performance they did for LIBTAIIW, ... and we now know that it is on the fan club collection.


This is an audience recording that is from an iPhone. I am just glad there is an audio recording of this night in any quality, as it was a very special show. I am 100% certain it's mine, because a couple of weird audio things happen at the exact same time as on my MixLR. I shared this sound *live* with the world that night, along with friends Stefanie, Sarah, Dahna and Terrence, and many others in the audience that night including Jeff (CT), Colleen G, Analiese, Alison, Aaron and Harry from U2songs, Colleen F. and Sherry from atU2. I know I'm forgetting some. Big Wave stopped by to say hello during the pre-show, and we could have talked with him for hours. We were standing at the walkway rail, on Adam's side about 10 ft from the e-stage. Right as Blackout starts, you can hear me say hello to Brian Murphy, who was walking into position. He gave me a fist bump ;-). What a night. Gloria was, as usual, an emotional high-point for me, and we went absolutely WILD. 2-3-4!!!!!!! This feels like being in the house again. Enjoy. Our uploader did a nice job here. It's essentially undisturbed from it's original state, except perhaps normalized and boosted a bit.

Recording: Audience microphone - 3 stars


the audience was LIT UP! Maybe because we had waitresses bringing us DRINKS on the floor during the pre-show!!!! YES, the first time I've ever seen this. We were kind of in shock about it. Extremely loud and involved audience for the entire show, it made for a festive and joyous finale for North America. Post-show, a bunch of us spilled into the casino and soaked in the afterglow of this amazing moment.


An Essential experience, buoyed up even higher because it was such a surprise show in a very small venue. If I could rate it 10 stars I would.
After the show, we all looked at each other and knew we just experienced something very special. Thank you Larry, Edge, Adam, and Bono. We love you.

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