2023-10-20 - Las Vegas, Nevada - The Sphere


  1. I Could Have Lost You (snippet) / Zoo Station
  2. The Fly
  3. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  4. Mysterious Ways / I Feel Love (snippet)
  5. One / Purple Rain (snippet) / Love Me Tender (snippet)
  6. Until The End Of The World / Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (snippet) / Break On Through (snippet)
  7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
  8. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
  9. All I Want Is You / Can't Get You Out Of My Head (snippet)
  10. Desire / Supermassive Black Hole (snippet)
  11. When Love Comes To Town
  12. Love Rescue Me
  13. Acrobat
  14. So Cruel
  15. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  16. Love Is Blindness / Viva Las Vegas (snippet)

  17. encore(s):
  18. Elevation / My Way (snippet)
  19. Atomic City
  20. Vertigo
  21. Moment of Surrender (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
  22. With Or Without You
  23. Beautiful Day / Blackbird (snippet) / Glorify (snippet)
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songs per album

  1. Achtung Baby (12)
  2. Rattle and Hum (4)
  3. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  4. The Joshua Tree (2)
  5. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (1)

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review by decisivenessmc

6 months ago


The band sounded great at the show and the only problem was during WOWY when the guitar was having problems but I don't necessarily blame the band for that one.


I've relistened through this recording which is excellent quality. Some talking from the audience is audible but that's to be expected with an AUD. The music is great quality and not overly distorted, boomy, or quiet.
Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


I was seated in the 400s, so there wasn't a lot of excitement up there until Streets started playing. That worked out for me though, because I was sitting most of the show and could see everything in front of me.


First U2 show I've seen- absolutely insane show. I went into the show spoiler-free, the only thing I knew was they play Achtung Baby. Zoo Station & The Fly were great introductions to Sphere's capabilities. Until the End of the World sounded great as did Wild Horses. Tryin to Throw Your Arms around the world works so much better in a live context then on the album and I really liked Edge's extra guitar work on it.

The turntable set was cool even if it hasn't seen much variation throughout the dates. Like I said, I went in spoiler free. I saw the tour debut of Lovetown, and it's the only version (so far possibly?) that's had a solo in it. The following nights they skip the solo. Love Rescue Me was a highlight of the night with Edge on bass and Bono dedicating it to Israel.

After the turntable they blasted back into Acrobat and then So Cruel, full band. The main set ended with Ultra Violet, which had incredible visuals, and Love is Blindness with a great solo and Viva Las Vegas snippet. Love is Blindness was a highlight for sure.

The encore was high energy but the standouts were Atomic City, Streets and With or Without You. I liked Atomic City in the studio but it works very well live, which I expected. The Moment of Surrender snippet works perfectly in the intro to Streets. Bono sang the Songs of Surrender lyrics on both Streets and With or Without You. Edge's guitar broke on WOWY and he had to get a replacement but he got it back in time for the end of the song. Beautiful Day is different as the closer, but it worked well.

In short, best show I've been to and I want to go again. Highlights were Zoo Station, The Fly, Arms, Lovetown, Love Rescue Me, Ultra Violet, Love is Blindness, Atomic City, Streets, and With or Without You. There wasn't a bad song they played. Absolutely if you can manage it, it's a show worth seeing.

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  1. U2 in Las Vegas, NV
  2. U2 in Las Vegas, NV
  3. U2 in Las Vegas, NV

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  1. Streets
  2. Beautiful Day
  3. U2 in Vegas

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  1. Achtung Baby - MSG Spere
  2. Achtung Baby - MSG Spere
  3. Achtung Baby - MSG Spere

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  1. Adam, yellow background

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  1. The Edge, Until The End Of The World