1980-11-13 - Sheffield, England - Limit Club


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  1. Boy (8)

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review by 2UToo

4 months ago


Surprisingly, Bono's falsetto doesn't sound too bad during tonight's version of '11 O'Clock Tick Tock', at least during the first chorus because it took on the usually unstable sound afterwards. The band are firing on all cylinders and deliver a SUPER energetic show, leaving no doubt that they've come to impress.

'I Will Follow' is a pretty tight rendition with Bono sounding stable most of the time (he's a bit iffy at the start of the bridge) but the main highlight once again is the tight and energetic musicianship by the band who are once again showing off.

My first ever live performance of 'Touch' (which I love on the record) left me a bit disappointed as Bono's vocals weren't nowhere near as confident and often came out sounding a bit unsure how to approach the campy vocals of the studio version, resulting in often slightly pitchy vocals.

'An Cat Dubh' sounded better already with Bono adding confident embellishments and sounding strong in general with the band adding tight harmonies. 'Into the Heart' is as tight as it goes and a very enjoyable performance of the band.

Bono continues sounding a bit unstable during 'A Day Without Me' but the overall performance is strong and I liked it overall, even though it doesn't have the quality to be considered a highlight for the entire band, The Edge was playing really well in this one.

As for 'Twilight', more tight harmonies by the band follow and Bono sounds unexpectedly powerful although his voice is barely audible during the choruses so it's hard to make out if he actually nails them or just airs out instead. The entire second verse sounds kinda sloppy and chaotic unfortunately.

'The Electric Co.' is typically energetic with tight musicianship and Bono sounding strong throughout the entire song for a change. The middle section is simply electrifying with both Larry and The Edge going absolutely ham on their instruments. The attached instrumental 'Things to Make and Do' sounds good with tight musicianship by the band.

The final two songs are also quite good and feature great musicianship as well as great vocals by both Bono and The Edge


Although it's not the greatest audio out there, the quality is listenable and not too muddy which is always a bonus for these early recordings. The hiss makes Bono less understandable though so that takes away a bit of the clarity.


The crowd makes it very noticeable that we're very early into the band's history here as the cheering after songs isn't very enthusiastic here and left me quite disappointed multiple times.


Highlights: 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, The Electric Co. / Things to Make and Do

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