1981-02-15 - Hamburg, Germany - Onkel Po's Carnegie Hall


Performance notes: U2's first concert in Germany.
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  1. Boy (10)

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review by TheOcean81

4 years ago


U2 is on form for their first performance in Germany! Even though the audience is subpar Bono is very energetic and the rest of the band still play well. They do play certain songs a bit slower than usual, such as the first 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, but it's not a huge issue. The young band is definitely very enthusiastic!


The audio recording is definitely not great but still listenable. The audience can be heard talking over the songs and clanging bottles, but it's not a constant annoyance unlike some other Boy Tour shows. Bono is also very hard to understand when he's not singing, for example at the end of Into The Heart. Considering it's age, the recording is still more than listenable though!
Recording: "Back Through the Mirror" - 3.5 stars


The audience seems distracted and not really a part of the show. Like I said, they can be heard talking over many songs and they don't cheer or clap that often or loudly. Before Out Of Control, Bono even says that the audience needs to move their tables and actually pay attention to the band! Later German crowds were much more enthusiastic!


Minus the audience hindering the overall experience, this is still a good listen! The band is mostly on form and the audio quality is very decent for it's age. The highlights include Touch with Adam's bass mixed in well, Another Time, Another Place with Bono's energy, and Out Of Control with Larry's drums and the Edge's guitar playing. Overall, worth a listen if you're a Boy Tour fan!

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