1981-03-06 - Boston, Massachusetts - The Paradise (2)


Performance notes: The only time Twilight is known to have opened a concert. Second of two sellout shows that night. Both are recorded for their US distributor Warner Brothers to play on radio for promotion across the country, though the band are reported to prefer the first performance.
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  1. Boy (9)

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New Hampshire
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review by deanallison

3 years ago


Mainly very good and enthusiastic performance. A couple of noticeable errors with missing lyrics in out of control and edge getting lost a bit with the 11 o’clock tick tock (2nd performance) solo but nothing drastic just noticeable.


Great quality, I downloaded the version from Wolfgang’s vault.
Recording: Soundboard - 3.5 stars


It sounded like a small but very enthusiastic audience. Bono seemed to be enjoying the reaction based on a few comments about enjoying the performance.


Very good show. There’s a better shows to listen to from the early days but this is still worth a go.

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