1981-05-11 - Denver, Colorado - Rainbow Music Hall


Performance notes: The concert is broadcast by Denver radio station KAZY-FM. The band stay on stage before the encore and celebrate Bono's 21st birthday the day before by opening a bottle of champagne.
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songs per album

  1. Boy (11)
  2. October (1)
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review by CMIPalaeo

6 years ago


They play a very good show. All the songs are tight and the band make a great impression on their audience. Bono chats with the crowd at a few points, like during Boy/Girl. He tries opening a bottle of champagne during the encore break but can't seem to get it. I Fall Down (or When I Fall Down, rather) is an early version with different lyrics played on guitar instead of piano. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock has a great outro, as does Boy/Girl - I don't remember it being that long! Bono seems to mumble some sort of additional intro to Twilight, and he sings '21 today' over the outro, though his birthday was the day before...


Excellent quality, the only complaint is a brief DJ announcement during Into the Heart.
Recording: "Messing Around With Champagne" - 4.5 stars


It's exciting to hear an audience that was already so excited about U2 in their early days like this. But given this show, it's no wonder.


This is a very, very good early show to download. The songs are played very well, the setlist is strong, the band are hitting it perfectly, and the crowd love them.

- 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
- When I Fall Down
- Boy/Girl
- A Day Without Me
- Twilight

- The Ocean is cut out, unfortunately

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