1984-07-08 - Slane, Ireland - Slane Castle


Comments: Bob Dylan Concert
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    review by jcvertigo06

    11 years ago


    There are only two songs which include Bono on vocals, in fact this is from a Bob Dylan bootleg, but anyway, the musicians are quite good performing both songs "Leopard skin pillbox hat" and "Blowin' in the wind"


    Not very good sound, but this bootleg is worthy as a souvenir, for those collectors of Bono's guest appearances.
    Recording: Audience microphone - 3 stars


    The audiencie is wild right from the beginning, when Bob introduces Bono on vocals, the crowd sing the songs, especially "Blowin' in the wind".


    As I said, good bootleg as a souvenir, especially because of the last two minutes of "Blowin' in the wind". I'm a very big fan of U2, and a very big fan of Carlos Santana, they're my two major musical preferences, and this bootleg features the one and only time Bono and Carlos have been together on stage ever. It's amazing to hear Carlos's guitar riffs just after Bono's vocals at the end of the song. Wow!!! This moment really happened!!!!

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    1. Bono and Bob Dylan at Slane Castle