1981-10-30 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso


Comments: Larry's 20th birthday. After the show Bono gives him a remote control truck.
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  2. October (6)
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review by cesar_garza01

2 years ago


Great early October performance of the band in the Netherlands


The 89 Broadcast is 5 stars but it has only 7 songs, and the damn DJ cuts 1 min. of 11 O'Clock! The other broadcast is around 4.5 stars. The audience recording is very respectable, around 3.5-4 stars. The latter is the complete show.
Recording: "1989 Rebroadcast" - 5 stars


It's 1981 and the romance between the dutch and U2 already shows up in this bootleg. After Out of Control they go nuts asking for more and they interact very well with the band. This is more noticeable in the audience recording.


U2 in the Netherlands. Enough said. There's always something in the air when the band plays here and this show is no exception. For the October tour, the band reworked some of their Boy songs and they sound better than ever. Another Time, Another Place, An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart, Stories for Boy are highlights of the show. The October songs are always better than their studio counterparts and the broadcast has great sound for them here. During 11 O'Clock Bono plays with the audience and it sounds incredible (he did that for the whole tour, I love these October versions). After Fire, they sang Happy Birthday to Larry. By taking pieces of all 3 sources of this show, you can form a great, complete bootleg for this show. This is the first great full October bootleg and one of the best.

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