1981-11-29 - San Francisco, California - Warfield Theater


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  1. Boy (10)
  2. October (7)

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review by CMIPalaeo

5 years ago


Very good performance, with that classic early days energy. Excellent work by all four of the band members.

Adam gets a little solo in I Threw a Brick and shines throughout that song. Larry, as ever, hammers the ending of I Threw a Brick to kingdom come and starts A Day Without Me beautifully. An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart is strong and Bono plays with the lyrics. Edge is on fire in With a Shout and Rejoice. Bono does the "where to go when you don't know" thing at the start of Electric Co., which I'm a sucker for. He snippets Send In the Clowns (not listed on the show page) and a lovely bit of I Left My Heart In San Francisco. I Fall Down is energetic and clips along. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock is brilliant, even if Bono's voice gets a little warbly; Edge makes some interesting sounds on it. The bands stops playing partway through it for the audience to sing, and the whole song runs well over six minutes! The Ocean is a beautifully melodic ending and also rather long (four minutes!), incorporating the Westminster Quarters from 11 O'Clock Tick Tock.


Gloria is pretty badly muffled, but the sound improves later, so don't let the bad first song turn you off from the whole bootleg. Although the quality is never stellar, it's easily listenable. Borders on 4 stars, but has enough unevenness for me to go with a slightly lower rating.
Recording: "Little Guy - Cm-30 > Cassette Recorder" - 3.5 stars


Bono remarks that he was worried by all the seats in the venue, but is pleased by everyone standing up for the show. The audience seems pretty engaged. Bono encourages them to call the radio and ask for U2 records to be played. They're very enthusiastic during the encore break.


Excellent early October show, just about up there with the Lido Beach gig the following month. That one benefits from better sound, but this one has got a longer setlist.

The very ending of Stories For Boys is cut, which is a shame as it was very strong. The sound is good throughout (barring Gloria) but does waver somewhat here and there.

Ultimately, I was on the fence between 4.5 and 5 stars, but given the strength of the performance went for the full 5. The sound quality is decent enough that it's not much of a setback.

- I Threw a Brick Through a Window/A Day Without Me
- An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart
- With a Shout
- Rejoice
- The Electric Co.
- 11 O'Clock Tick Tock/The Ocean (very long and excellent!)

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