1983-02-28 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Playhouse Theater


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  1. October (5)
  2. Boy (5)
  3. War (5)
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United Kingdom
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review by MWSAH

12 years ago


A good opener. This early War gig showed that U2 had not really made up their mind about the definite setlist. Gloria opened the show during October and they started War with Gloria too before changing to Out of Control for most of the shows.

I Threw A Brick Through A Window
Don't like the song that much, so I'm not that hyped about this version. It's solid but not overly impressed due to musical preferences.

A Day Without Me
Short but oh so powerful. Lovely song with the Edge on fire. Bono's voice was perfect too during this gig. Flawless, energetic and young.

Not as good as later War-gigs but good nonetheless.

New Year's Day
One of the first live performances, NYD already kicked ass. Raw, not as polished as it is now..I like it.

Sunday Bloody Sunday
NYD's theory fits this one too. Fast paced, solid, raw..good enough for me. U2 was still discovering this song back then.

The Electric Co. / Break On Through (snippet) / Send In The Clowns (snippet)
Good enough with good typical Edge guitar work.

I Fall Down
Good performance, not a standout though.

What to say of October? Bono and piano..hard to fault.

The highlight for me of this gig. A great, great performance of this lovely song. Tomorrow wasn't played that much, making it a rarity nowadays. I love the audience singing along with Bono and the overall mood. Excellent.

Good, well performed as it should be.

Out Of Control
Cuts in, probably a taper issue. Nice performance, good tempo. The way like it!

11 O'Clock Tick Tock
The best 11 O'Clock was performed in Hattem, a few months before this gig with the lovely 'Give peace a change' snippet. This one is great and very good too and Bono is humming 'Give peace a change' too. Lovely with Edge on fire.

I Will Follow
Rocking out


Party Girl
For the special occasions..not my favourite song but always a nice tune.

A good one, which surprised me. Surrender is not the most simple song to perform live, I think, but U2 did it this early on the tour. Thumbs up.

A Celebration
Decent..not a song that makes you want to download the gig.

Simple. Short. Brilliant.


A flawless 4-star with no real distortions or whatsoever. All bandmembers are perfectly audible and you can hear the crowd going nuts.
Recording: "Beaton - D6 Master" - 4 stars


I love Scottish audiences. They were singing along like madmen, cheering it out. Thumbs up again!


A lovely gig. Not the best ever..not as good as Red Rocks or Werchter, but for an early War-gig, it surprised me. It stays on my Zen for sure, also because of Tomorrow.

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