1989-09-23 - Perth, Australia - Entertainment Centre


Performance notes: Only concert ever opened by In God's Country.
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songs per album

  1. Rattle and Hum (7)
  2. The Joshua Tree (6)
  3. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  4. Boy (1)
  5. War (1)

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review by 2UToo

3 months ago


First of all, starting off with a rather unique take on 'In God's Country' was an interesting choice! The following 'All Along the Watchtower' sounds badass but is slightly held back by some feedback noises. Bono lets out a few impeccable belts though! Going straight into 'Bullet the Blue Sky' was a great choice as the transition is seamless and works incredibly well. Additionally, the performance is incredible with a 10/10 aggressive vocal performance by Bono and the band doing superbly as well. The transition into 'Running to Stand Still' is as gorgeous as ever with the song also being performed beautifully, showing off Bono's softer side, including one of the most beautiful "still running" bits I've ever heard.

The show continues with the equally gorgeous 'All I Want Is You' which excites the audience a good bit, seemingly for the first time this evening. While I'm not big into the placement of 'Where the Streets Have No Name' tonight, the performance itself is mindblowing (that final chorus + finale is out of this world) and the intro alone makes up for it being kinda in the nothing zone of the show. 'I Will Follow' follows up (haha) and is filled with energy by the entire band. The whole performance of 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' is great and finally sees the audience warming up a bit more, participatin energetically during the singalong sections.

'People Get Ready' is a fantastic rendition, again highlighting both the looseness and energy by the band and the audience. 'Bad' is great with Bono nailing the key notes with power and the band playing really tightly, including a great 'Walk on the Wild Side' snippet. A really clean and well executed transition leads us into 'With or Without You' which features gorgeous vocals and almost church-like synth work. This one features more absolutely INCREDIBLE embellishing by Bono who's in perfect shape tonight.

The finale of the main set starts off with another superb performance of 'God Part II' where the band and Bono let go off every self constraint after the first verse. The following 'Desire' is slightly cut and I wasn't a fan of the speaksinging early on but Bono makes up for it with some fantastic belting afterwards and great snippets in the finale. 'New Year's Day' is a rather strong performance that gets elevated into a higher level due to Bono singing (and nailing) the rarely performed final verse. The main set closes with a powerful performance of 'Pride (In the Name of Love)'.

The encore is truly fantastic as well with both U2 and B.B. King and his band bringing this awesome show to a very energetic and happy ending.


The sound quality is quite bad with a harsh hiss that sounds like it's constantly wavering around as if this show was taped on a beach. Additionally, the sound is quite muddy.
Recording: Audience microphone - 1 star


They're solid but nothing out of the ordinary as far as participation and energy goes. They start warming up a bit after the first 30 minutes.


Highlights: In God's Country, All Along the Watchtower, Running to Stand Still, Where the Streets Have No Name, People Get Ready, With or Without You, God Part II, New Year's Day

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