1992-03-05 - Atlanta, Georgia - The Omni

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show attendees: 12

5 users from Georgia: JFranz, blueeyedboy, breakingglass, crank, u2gw
3 from Tennessee: adumat, ddboone, whitneyweaver
1 from Minnesota: moneyman2u
1 from United Arab Emirates: iambic
1 from Illinois: weirdo0521
1 from Alabama: mich40u2

review by carbide

7 months ago


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Super great quality audience recording.
Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


This part is only rated, not commented on


5/3/1992 - Atlanta, Georgia - This review has heavy spoilers
This show honestly caught me really off guard - there's some really interesting things here that I want to talk about. Firstly, something more minor, Bono’s ad libs are all over this show. I’m pretty sure every song contains at least one unique ad lib. Secondly the “fade away” section of Bad is super energetic and charismatic, as always, but there's something super charming about this version which makes it stand out from the pack. Even Better Than The Real Thing’s final verse has entirely different phrasing from Bono, and this is also one of the only times I’ve heard the “still running” verse at the end of Running To Stand Still on Zoo TV. There’s two other things to note mainly - Bullet The Blue Sky and Desire. Firstly, this version of Bullet goes on for quite a while due to the solo being extended and generally being ENTIRELY different to how it usually is on Zoo TV, and then, something I’ve NEVER heard before, Edge goes into the classic Bullet The Blue Sky solo after Bono screams “outside it’s America”, making this version incredibly special. I’m pretty sure this was done on the spot too, mainly from the completely random, yet humorous addition of Bono shouting “shut the fuck up” during this solo. It just seems very sporadic but it actually works incredibly well and I’m curious to see if they ever did it again on this tour now. Desire meanwhile features additional guitar work throughout the bridge of the song, an extended outro and the "Not Fade Away" snippets from Lovetown, all of which are very welcome additions and add a lot to this version. Overall, this show is hugely unique and its standout moments are nothing like anything I’ve heard from Zoo TV. There are a couple sloppy moments here and there, such as the beginning of Pride, but you can easily look past small moments like it and appreciate it as one of the best Zoo shows.

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