Without tapers there are no recordings of U2 shows, in total 561 tapers from all over the world taped a total of 2,922 audio recordings. This page lists some facts and figures on the data we collect on these audio recordings as well as some randomly highlighted tapers from our database. Note that we are still adding more (detailed) information every week to new and old recordings, so check back in a while for more information and updates.

most used recorders

most used microphones

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become a taper

If you are interested in taping (U2) shows we have written a guide on how to get started. You can find the guide below, good luck!

Part 1: Your target & the recorder
Part 2: Microphones
Part 3: Get in, record & share

highlighted tapers

Below are some highlighted tapers from the U2 and tapers community, click on a name to view their profile.