1. Anyone planning the Amsterdam multicams?
  2. Night 1:
    Editor: loftarasa (amsterdam1multicam@web.de)
    Preview 1:

    Night 2:
    Editor: Tim (DutchU2Fan) (dutchu2fan@gmail.com)

    Night 4:
    Editor: Tim (DutchU2Fan) (dutchu2fan@gmail.com)
    Preview 1:

    Preview 2:

  3. Count me in for an audience recording plus 720p video from the first rows of A'am 4

    EDIT- 1080p video (if my bridge camera is allowed into the Ziggo!)
  4. I guess I will film some whole songs with my 720P smartphone on the 1st and 4th night. Still looking for GA tickets on the 3rd ;-)
  5. I like to volunteer myself as editor for the first night.
  6. is somebody tape the Amsterdams show in IEM and share it here?
  7. Count me in for 1280x720 videos from night 1 and 4, maybe full HD if we get the professional camera inside
  8. 720p or 1080p from night 2 and 4 from me, + multicams of night 2 and 4
  9. I might record a song or two with my canon on night 2, dno yet whether it'll be worth using though
  10. I'd be fine with filming a few songs per night in Amsterdam and contribute. Just let me know what's prefered!