1. Batteries are nice to play with. They're $0.10 a unit and not a big loss if broken or lost... Mics not so much ¬¬

    Yeah, they're my favourite mics so I panicked when I saw them hanging from my puppy's teeth. First thing I thought was "Fuck, my contribution to the Amsterdam multicam has just gone south " and then I realized the caps weren't damaged. I will get them rewired by a professional, possibly a electronic store's salesman I'm friends with. I could try to fix it myself but the result could be a mess and really ugly.
  2. Gotta get that multicam in tow!
  3. Hi guys, I'm heading to London 3 and thinking of recording it on an iPod, do you think it would be worth my while and if so any tips?
  4. Are you going to use an external microphone?
  5. No I wasn't going to, didn't know I could. How much would that cost me?
  6. Though a bit older, maybe of interest as a tour is coming up, I add this new info:

    Soundman modified the Zoom iQ6 (for Apple Lightning) and replaced the mic capsules with a 3.5 jack so you can use external mics. it's 165€ standalone (modified by hand) and with a fitting app (I chose Dictaphone (records wav 48/32) and bought the sharing addon for 1,99€ for uploading to OneDrive, Googledrive, Dropbox, FTP or iCloud). Used it last week and the result was stunning. in flight mode it used 10% battery of my iPhone 7plus for 3 hours of recording. You need some free space of course, my recordings made up about 4GB.

  7. Own way too much gear so if someone in europe needs an Edirol R-09 and / or CA-11 omni microphones send me a personal message.
  8. Very good starter gear rig and can vouch for one8ung. Go for it.
  9. Some cassette recordings have one tone lower usually.
    If somebody needs help, I can fix it.
    Someone in this forum taught me how to make it