1. In this new series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. First to kick off is member jennagirl who attended the GA during U2's opening night in Vancouver.

    "It struck me early on in the show - man, this band still has it"

    Your first U2 show since 2011, can you tell us something about the day of the show and how everything went?
    It all went super well, i was in the GA lineup from about 2:30 pm onwards. Nice crowd and good range of ages too. Met a young man from Taiwan who came here on his own, first time leaving his country for his first U2 show. Pretty impressive. They let us in around 6:15 - we got wristbands and off we went - again all very orderly.

    Can you tell us something about where you were seated or standing, and on what your experience was with that spot?
    I made it to the railing! I was halfway along the catwalk and this was a great place to be to see them up close as they moved around a lot. I've never been that close before so it was such a thrill, I even got to see Bono's eyes . The only problem is not only did I not get to enjoy the screen, for 3 songs they actually played IN the screen. I hear it was great for those in seats but for us in GA it meant we did not get to see the band for 3 songs - including my favourite UTEOTW so I could not wait for that part to be over so I could see them again.

    What was your personal highlight of the night? And what surprised you the most?
    Personal highlight was all the SOI songs. They nailed them and they flowed so well and i was surprised how much I enjoyed them live, especially RBW and The Troubles. And Beautiful Day and WOWY were surprisingly good as well. And I did not really miss One!

    Did U2 live up to your expectations? Was it better, or very different than the shows in 2011?
    It struck me early on in the show - man, this band still has it. It's hard to compare this show to the last tour as they were so different esp the venue. It does not have the grandeur of the 360 show being in an arena but they did a pretty awesome job. Montreal 360 2nd night was one of the best nights of my life, so its hard to beat that but this show ranks very high in my list. I loved the setlist and Bono's voice was great.

    Finally, for the fans still about to go to U2: any words of advice?
    Words of advice - live and love the moment of being able to see the best band on earth one more time. Don't worry about the songs they don't play. Maybe try to mix up a GA spot with another night in the seats so you can experience the screen one night.

    So a great night, I am so excited for tomorrow to see how and if they mix it up. Biggest decision is where to put myself - in the middle again or at either end. Decisions Decisions...

    I hope everyone feels the way I did tonight. What a band!
  2. great interview, looks like you need at least two shows. .. one in GA and one seated to see all the screens. .. or stand on the side of ga
  3. Thanks jennagirl I agree with you about the SOI songs. Those are the songs I was excited to hear and they did not disappoint at all.
  4. Great interview
  5. Fantastic stuff Congrats for attending such an important show and for being the first to share your views with us for our U2ieTour Fan Interviews!