1. Just thought it deserved its own topic, since there's so many great material posted there: https://instagram.com/u2/

    I really like how they don't show us the usual stuff but a glimpse into their day to day life and shows them as normal human beings. What about you?
  2. One of my favourites:

    Adam's hotel room. Looks like a great suitcase, some mobile audio player?!
  3. I just spotted adam owns the same (red) ipod as I do
  4. favoruites of mine are ofc this one:

    and this one:

    I was glad they used instagram to communicate with us as soon as possible that edge was okay. what a shocker that fall was.
  5. Really cool pic!
  6. someone made the mistake to give the lads a phone with access to their instagram again here we go:

  7. It is.
  8. Must be my favourite Larry pic.

    Must be at Edge's Malibu house.
  9. Great pic Always great to see Larry smiling!