1. Cheers César
  2. Looking forward to downloading this one later tonight!
  3. Sergio's father and uncle were in that show, I believe.
    Hope you like it Sergio!
  4. One last thing: although once in a while there are sound blips, the version I put here is by far the best. There's another one UAG (unknown analog generation) but the sound is very distant.
  5. WHATTTTTTTT a new recording after all these years?! WTF!

    My parents were there, and I could have been too - they had a ticket for me too but then thought I was too small (7 years old) to go to a stadium show... So they sold it to a friend and I got stuck at home, fucking pissed for I couldn't go I was a sucker for the A Year In Pop documentary which my dad had recorded in VHS from TV so I watched it twice while they were away at the show, and then didn't speak to them for a whole day! I finally did forgive them after many years when they bought tickets for the 2005 show the day before my birthday though

  6. It's not new for the world, Sergio, but we didn't have it.
  7. I always see what are available to download in the tour page, and there are some concerts that say that are 2 recordings but there's not 2 recordings like this one http://u2start.com/shows/1134/
    why this happen?
  8. We want to have at least the info of all available U2 bootlegs out there. Sometimes the links are missing because a) the source is of inferior quality to the available ones or b) we just haven't uploaded them here.
    If you see that we're missing a source, feel free to tell us so in the Audio and Video bootleg request topic and we'll be happy to help.
  9. Ah, I thought it was new. I didn't have it either

    They really do sound like night and day. Totally different. So much clarity in the new source.

  10. Love the crowd asking "One, one, one" after WOWY. Insane crowd! Maybe we can hear your dad among the crowd.
  11. I love the girl screaming "Gilipollaaaas" ("Wankeeer") in the old source just before Still Haven't Found starts, I think aimed to Bono after his -unfortunate- "Do you like this shit? Well you paid for it" comment.
  12. Too bad the guy that did the cover didn't know shit of Spanish.