1. Hahahha, "Enamorado An Espana", brilliant.

    Nothing that a quick Paint work can't fix (couldn't be bothered to open photoshop for this)

  2. I put this in my iTunes:
  3. Much nicer
  4. None of you have FLOM?

    That is the ultimate guide for beetlogs before u2.torrents appeared.

    You want to know the best quality recordings etc? FLOM.

    "For Love Or Money"

    I can't find it anywhere online anymore.

    Bob Reck compiled it I believe.
  5. Hmmm, no... We (and many other sites) use Pimm Jal De La Parra's excellent book as a guide. The bad thing is that the author passed away in 2002 so it's only complete up to the Elevation Tour.

    Heck, even U2 themselves use it as a guide!! Here's what Willie Williams said about it when Pimm passed away:

    "Some time after the Zoo TV tour, the book U2 Live: A Concert Documentary dropped into my lap and left me speechless. Being something of an archivist myself I was deeply impressed by such a comprehensive history of U2's live career -- especially as this was long before the Internet made such data collection much more feasible.

    The book instantly became U2's final authority on all things regarding touring history. I would always carry a copy in my work box and there's always one on the tour aeroplane, largely for solving arguments over important issues like exactly when we first played in Detroit, or the name of that club in Burton-on-Trent where Bono first went body surfing. It would also make us laugh too, like a family photo album, reading P.J.'s frank, objective honesty about the standard of certain events and performances.

    The most delightful thing of all though is that through all the years he spent documenting our work lives, P.J. never asked for anything. He always bought his own tickets, queued to get into gigs, never hassled anyone about wanting to meet the band or get backstage. We corresponded occasionally over the years, largely as I was very keen to help fill in some of the blanks in early parts of the book. He was always pleasant and grateful but never inclined to take advantage of how much U2 were in awe of his information archive.

    "I finally met him during the Elevation tour when we had a chat outside the venue one day. I invited him in to join us for dinner but he politely declined as he was with friends in line waiting to get into the heart. I felt quietly humbled!"

    Hands down Utter respect.
  6. I have Pimm's old edition up to POPmart.

    FLOM is what we had before the world wide web.
  7. The book of Pimm is one of my favourite U2 books. It is sad that he passed away.
  8. I've just tried downloading the 4 star Vancouver 2nd night and it seems the media fire link is a download of opening night
  9. Me too in the days of no internet it was vital. One of U2's go to books too apparently