1. We have now a 98% complete bootleg for the legendary 1987-06-27 Dublin JT show at Croke Park. The FM broadcast only has 9 songs. This new one is complete, except that it cuts the first 2 minutes of NYD. You can combine both to get the full show!
  2. New recording of Toronto 1 (FLAC) now in our pages. Enjoy!
  3. We have removed the bootleg for 1981-05-09 Memphis because it was a "fake bootleg". It actually is the same bootleg from 1981-04-09 Minneapolis.
    If you think you know other cases of fake bootlegs, let us know.
  4. An awesome recording of Toronto 2 up on our show pages
  5. A little late, but now in our pages a bootleg courtesy of ademotte and Hobbes4444 of Boston 1. Enjoy!