1. It's recordings like this that really give you the atmosphere of attending a U2 concert, with the extra bass sound and the acoustics,and it makes you remember being there, standing there and the taking in the air around you and looking around and seeing the stadium, the fans and the band in front of you. Magic!
  2. The Saitama 1 recording sounds better than where I actually was
  3. Haha, I've even been blessed with recordings (of my own) that sounded better than what I heard while being there. Microphones are such strange electronic beings!
  4. Just go download traders little helper
  5. Originally posted by LikeASong:[..]

    Based on two things: 1) the fact that the Southern Hemisphere tours are always less and worse covered in terms of recordings, and 2) the unavoidable trend of less and less U2 gigs being properly taped and shared since 2015. We discussed this in another thread not long ago. There are less tapers willing to tape and share, andbecause the interest for full recordings has decreased in general. You only have to compare the number of downloads for 2005/2009 shows here or in U2torrents vs the number of download for 2017/2018 gigs... Vast difference.

  6. The Goal Is Seoul nice title but maybe it would've been a bit more apt for the Elevation tour.
  7. Well Bono did say it during the show.

  8. Yeh I'm cool with it so it's a great title - now if they'd just played Seoul on the Elevation tour