1. 22 years ago today U2 live in Sydney :-)
    27th November 1993

  2. my favorite tour, one of my favorite shows, the first time I saw this video, blew me away, everything, the heavyness of the song, Bono's moves, the way se sings.... aamazing
  3. remember very well how I watched the broadcast of the show with my sister in Czech TV
  4. Massive stages, massive shows and massive performances
  5. Was listening to this today and wondering if anyone knew of any footage of the night before that Adam missed??
  6. I could be wrong, but remember reading somewhere that even on the official Zoo TV Live From Sydney show, you can see Stuart Morgan filling in for Adam at certain times - with a baseball hat pulled low over his eyes to not attract too much attention! Wouldn't be able to say specific songs/moments in the show off the top of my head, though...
  7. Didn't Adam by Stuart a house in Dublin as a thank you for this .
  8. Haha, did he? It would have been the über-ZooTVi-ish thing to do in order to wrap all that era up.
  9. He did I'm told by a closer member to the group . Happy days for Stuart and well deserved