1. Judging from that 1:15...........

    It's better than expected
  2. Listening to it again, I actually think it's pretty good. His vocal is not bad at all.
  3. listening again.... what the fuck with the horns? and the start of the chorus really looks like the '87 version, I know people said before but I didn't notice until now haha, damn I'm really curious about all this
  4. That was the point of the whole thing, silly!

  5. Not that bad. But not better than the original. So it's unnecessary to rerelease this song. I miss the warmth of the original and I don't like the horns.
  6. Mixed feelings - it's not bad, though the horns are pretty atrocious. But it's not great either. Bono's voice is good but obviously not as good as he was in 1987. Other than those two things, it sounds practically identical to the original. So like, not bad, but nothing to make me fall in love with the new mix.

    And if they went cheap and used the 1987 vocals for the chorus, like it sounds like in that clip, I'll be very disappointed.
  7. Yes, I'm also curious to know how the chorus will sound. Bono's voice is a bit thin.

    I don't want to be downer. But to be honest, I have never been this less excited for a new U2 release. And the excitement for SOE is also disappearing.
  8. It's basically how they remixed Gone for The Best of 1990-2000. Essentially the same backing track with some tweeks, and a new vocal.
  9. Bono's vocal good...the rest bad
  10. It sounds like a SOI mix of a JT song.