1. I gave it 3, because I don't think it's worse or better than the original. It's just sort of different. I think it could've been a better release but as it is, it's nothing to sneeze at either.
  2. 3 Stars. Better than their attempts to fix Pop.
  3. Actually kind of a snoozer. Listening to it I realize why they didn't release it in 87
  4. 3 stars, it's o.k. with me, original is better.
  5. 3 stars. But improving with every listening. Really curious how it will sound live
  6. 3 stars.
    I sort of don't see the point of it....
  7. I give it 4. Am I the only person around here who loves this song? Haha.
  8. You Too: How would you rate the Red Hill Mining Town single?
    4 stars: Good job, more than a decent release - 29.9%
    3 stars: Decent, about the same as the original - 29.3%
    5 stars: Amazing new version, can't wait to hear it live - 16.1%
    2 stars: Some parts are OK but mostly poor - 15.3%
    1 star: Poor overall job, not worth the release - 8.1%