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2017-06-20 - Landover
"I was #96 in the GA line, so show day .."
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favorite tour: Vertigo Tour
"This was the first concert DVD I ever got, and I watched it every day straight for a month. My mom haaaaaated it by the end of that month!"
favorite show: 2017-09-10 - Indianapolis
"I was there! I had a great GA experience, was real close to the stage, got to see U2 in my hometown (in my favorite football team's stadium, no less), and the band debuted You're The Best Thing About Me at the show!"
favorite album: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
"It's hard not to pick Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, or Pop, but this is the first U2 album I really obsessed over."
favorite song: Until The End Of The World
"It's almost impossible to pick a favorite. Other strong contenders are: I Will Follow, Electric Co., New Year's Day, 40 (live), The Unforgettable Fire, Bad (live), Streets, The Fly, Acrobat, Two Shots of Happy (One Shot of Sad), HMTMKMKM, Mofo, Discotheque, Last Night on Earth, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Miracle Drug, COBL, and Native Son. It's so hard to pick!"

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I’m an attorney with a depressing job but a pretty decent life otherwise, ha. Still trying to figure out what all to do with my life, but I enjoy concerts of all sorts, going to baseball games, finding new places at which to eat, and exploring DC.
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