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    It's nice, fresh and powerful. Very well produced too.

    I'm just pissed that none of us would be listening to it if it wasn't for the Elijah's connection, and it's unfair towards a million of other (better) bands that are born, live and die without a fraction of the recognition just because they don't have a famous member among them. It's just that. I'm perfectly aware that meritocracy is not the norm and connections and pulling strings is very common, but... That's how I feel.
    The amount of talentless manufactured karaoke acts that jump the que and become famous on X factor is ten times worse, in the end the fans will let you know very quickly by not buying/streaming or going to gigs if you're time is up ,However I do agree that they had a big advantage that opened more doors for them than most other new bands but they still have to go out and prove themselves and their 2nd ,3rd album will be a good barometer as to how good they are if, they get that far.
  2. How many editions ??? (black, green, red, blue, splatter, Zoetrope....signed...)
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    Yep, they tend to lower prices to try and reach No 1.

    Didn't U2 bundle SOE with EI concert tickets in NA to reach No.1 too?

    Probably not as far as I remember. But there was other tie in. Wasn’t it?
  4. Every ticket for the US tour came bundled with a copy of the album. You had to log in the week the album came out and chose whether or not you wanted it, making it a 'choice' and thus allowing it to count in the charts. (I got three emails reminding me I had a free CD and should log in.) Whether you wanted it or not, you paid for the CD as part of your ticket.

    The ability to do a bundle with concert tickets has since been discontinued and is no longer allowed for the charts in the US.

    In the UK / Europe where such things had already been discontinued there was an offer if you preordered the album you could enter into a presale for tickets. This type of offer is still valid for charts, as you are buying the album and getting a chance to win something, not buying a guaranteed ticket.
  5. Too much effects on Eli's voice album mix, by the way solid album