1. They played the album in total live on monday night. They just announced it's available on iTunes. Maybe Eli can talk to his dad sometimes? #OpenTheVault

  2. Isn't it him with Edge's daughter on the cover of SOE ?he should have returned the compliment on his band's new album nobody would know the difference.
  3. Inhaler are the first Irish band in 13 years to go to number 1 in the UK with their debut record
  4. Put me in the camp of being a fan. It’s a really solid first album.

    No doubt they’ve had tons of advantages other new bands could only dream of, but it’s still a pretty darn good album.

    It definitely has a U2 and 1980s influence on it.
  5. That’s quite remarkable actually. Not just the first Irish band stat but going to number 1 in general. Excellent stuff.

  6. Whoever wrote this for bbc.com needs their facts straight. U2’s debut album came out in 1980, not 1981.
  7. Bizzare they got to Number 1 ,Bono must have pulled a few strings in the industry and Radio 1 to get them airplay because the door is normally shut particularly with a debut album for most non UK bands .
  8. HMV & Amazon in UK were selling the CD for only £5.99 last week - a bargain - so clever marketing to increase sales had some affect
  9. I picked it up off a UK Amazon seller. Maybe he bought it in bulk.
  10. Yep, they tend to lower prices to try and reach No 1.

    Didn't U2 bundle SOE with EI concert tickets in NA to reach No.1 too?