1. Personally I’ve been using Stanton since i was born.strong,reliable and the sound hasn’t changed in years
    For the turntable,as Max wrote before,I would recommend Technics 1200 and related
  2. SL 1200 is great but for start is little bit expensive. For the same money you can buy AD Fontes turtable and you can throw away technics

  3. Piece of art
  4. Originally posted by f1schu111:hi

    i'm new to vinyl, i have a record player which is pretty cheap but im not happy with sound, any ideas of a good set up, not to fuss about cost just want it to sound the way intended

    many thanks
    I'm very happy with my Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile + Pro-Ject Box E phono pre-amp. I didn't cost the world, but probably not cheap either. And I was already blessed with a decent Pioneer amplifier & Wharfdale Diamond 7.3 speakers, which also helps a lot for a great sound.

    My advice is to use a set-up with at least a separate phono-amp for your turntable. I don't believe in these built-in pre-amps...

  5. Finally got round to getting hold of the original POP vinyl... the 90s all original 👍
  6. That’s a mortgage!
  7. Cool vinyls !

    I personally enjoy listening to POP, its a fun album to listen to.

    All of those are party records. Except for Passengers, its a Chill-out album
    to listen to when the party night is over and your watching the sunrise
    Real smooooth and chilled.