1. Four more up on YouTube:
    - Ralphi's Summer Love Mix
    - Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit
    - Mindskap Remix
    - DJLW Remix

    I wouldn't bother.
  2. It only every U2 remix was as good as the William Orbit Electrical Storm.
  3. Hardwell sounds like pure shit
  4. Think it's odd that they didn't use the guitar lick (which was the best part indeed) for their version and changed the first chord to Major instead of Minor.

    Could have to do with avoiding too much resemblance with SOL, but without these 2 strong points there isn't much song left.

    (so yeah it's crap )
  5. What about Lights of Home? Also a copy!
  6. SOE is a covers album
  7. With summer of love it was their producer who worked with them on the song, don’t know why it’s such a big deal. U2 released the song first with permission came up with a much better interpretation as we know one republics was never going to sound like summer of love even with the shared aspects. Lights of home as mentioned earlier u2 have done Haim a favour by using that bit of the song. They could easily have released the strings version only which most people seem to like more anyway and not have to credit Haim at all.
  8. U2 did Haim a favour? What?